• The Evolution Of Click Fraud: Massive Chinese Operation DormRing1 Uncovered

    As long as advertisers pay for clicks, there will be click fraud. And the more people combat it, the more sophisticated the attacks become to get around the defenses that advertisers, search engines, and others put in place. But a recent click fraud ring discovered by click-fraud monitoring service Anchor Intelligence suggests that the practice is evolving to a scale never seen… Read More

  • Sure, The U.S. Has A Lot Of Click Fraud, But At Least We're Not Vietnam

    When it comes to ad clicks, Anchor Intelligence says it has more data than anyone this side of Google and Yahoo. And so when they release a report for the first time outlining what they’re seeing in click fraud rates, it’s worth paying attention to. And the numbers are interesting. This initial report spans the first 6 months of 2009. Clicks are broken down as “valid”… Read More

  • Ask Partners With Anchor Intelligence To Stop Fraudsters And Optimize Ad Serving

    The downturn in the economy is apparently leading more than the usual number of ambitious click-fraudsters to try their luck. And that’s causing ad networks to think a lot more about click fraud and the overall health of their networks, says Anchor Intelligence CEO Ken Miller. We first wrote about the company in late 2007 when they unveiled their click fraud product. The company has… Read More