• Amtrak Adds WiFi To 12 New East Coast Routes, California’s Up Next

    Amtrak Adds WiFi To 12 New East Coast Routes, California’s Up Next

    Attention workaholics: your business trip a la rail was just made that much more efficient, if you’re using Amtrak, of course. The nation’s intercity railway has just added Wi-Fi service to 12 new East Coast routes, bringing the interwebs to almost 60 percent of all Amtrak passengers. Read More

  • Siemens Wins $466 Million Contract To Build 70 Green Trains

    Siemens has snapped up a $466 million six-year contract to build 70 electric trains for Amtrak. The deal, which is Siemens’ first major contract with the rail operator, is a significant coup for the company which is trying to aggressively expand its footprint in America. The new trains, called Amtrack Cities Sprinters, will be a step up from the average locomotives on the market and… Read More

  • Amtrak to add Wi-Fi to Acela line in March

    I’ve personally taken Amtrak’s high-speed Acela line between Boston and New York more times than I can remember. At 3.5 hours, it’s roughly the same amount of time you’d spend jumping through hoops at the airport but it’s a far less abrasive experience overall. The inclusion of free Wi-Fi ought to add yet another compelling reason to choose trains over planes. Read More

  • High-speed trains in America one step closer to reality

    It looks like the U.S. is well on its way to becoming a modern Western country after all. Congressional leaders are trying to find funding for high-speed passenger trains, one of which would take people from New York to D.C. in just two hours. Other big lines would take people from Seattle to Portland; all around the midwest with a hub in Chicago; about Florida; about California; and… Read More