• The ToneWoodAmp Blows Amplified Sound Out Of Your Guitar’s Sound Hole

    The ToneWoodAmp Blows Amplified Sound Out Of Your Guitar’s Sound Hole

    Are you ready to amp up your acoustic guitar to the MAXXXX? The ToneWoodAmp has got you covered. This surprisingly cool Kickstarter project is essentially a speaker that takes the sound coming in from your acoustic guitar, modifies it, and then reproduces it automatically so you can hear it out of the guitar body. It’s great for folks who might not have access to effects pedals or a… Read More

  • New startup "Schiit" sells low-cost, high-end, made-in-USA headphone amps

    There’s a bunch of possibilities to get attention when you’ve just founded a startup and try to get the word out about your first products. Coming up with a unique name is one way, and California-based audio tech maker Schiit has surely pulled that part off. Yes, it’s the company’s real name (tag line: “You are not going to believe this Schiit”), but… Read More

  • Pioneer lets you control its new Blu-ray players with your iPhone

    Pioneer may have shut down its display business to focus on producing more car-related equipment instead, but that doesn’t mean they have given up on the home entertainment segment altogether. In Japan, the company today unveiled a number of new devices actually, including Blu-ray players [JP] that can be controlled with the iPhone/iPod touch. Read More

  • Bored guitarist builds Lego amp in a week

    Looks like someone had a lot of time to kill. Dave Chatterson guitarist built a Princeton Reverb amp that is an exact replica of the original. No parts are modified or glued together – it’s real Lego. It’s unbelievably detailed: Lego cabinet. Lego grille. Lego handle, fittings, speaker, knobs, switches, jacks, tube chart, reverb tank, power cord and footswitch. Read More

  • Tesla Coil+Guitar Amp=Best Potential Rendition of Iron Man Ever To those who are about to connect their electric guitars and amps directly to a Tesla coil and change the amplitude of the sparks based on the audio generated by the guitar to create huge bitchin’ sparks in your garage, we salute you. via BBG Read More

  • Headphone Guitar Amp For Quiet Shredding

    I can’t really shred anymore. I sold my Gibson axe after I finished college and figured out that unless you’re really talented, being in a post-graduate band isn’t even a little bit cool. But maybe one day I’ll throw in a copy of Six String Samurai and get motivated to start playing again. If I do, I’ll surely need one of these headphone amps while I work on… Read More