• Slash Talks With Us About His Guitar App – AmpliTube Slash

    Slash Talks With Us About His Guitar App – AmpliTube Slash

    Recently, I took a look at IK Multimedia’s iRig STOMP digital stomp box. In order to test it out, I used AmpliTube Slash — a version of the same company’s amp modeling app that’s based on the Marshall amp sounds of Slash (you know…Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators). The app sounded quite good, so I inquired if… Read More

  • Review: Hands-On with AmpliTube 2 for iPhone

    IK Multimedia released an update to their AmpliTube iOS app today in the iTunes App Store. We reviewed the first version of the app and its necessary iRig hardware dongle back in July. It’s a worthy and early entrant into the emerging arena for native app-based recording on touch-enabled mobile devices. Version 2 of this iOS app is a free upgrade for previous installs and offers a… Read More

  • Review: I dig the iRig

    Anybody out there remember the Rockman? It was this little personal guitar amplifier, about the size of a Sony Walkman (adding “man” to anything portable was all the rage in the 80s, you know).The Rockman let you play distorted guitar through headphones and it curiously made everything you played sound like BOSTON. The AmpliTube iRig combo for the iPhone is kind of like the… Read More