Sonopia Follows Amp'd Into The Deadpool

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) have been having one hell of a time over the past year. The biggest burnout among them was Amp’d Mobile, which lost $360M before realizing its customers

Amp'd Mobile Customers Get Another Option

A small Maine-based mobile company is opening its arms to Amp’d Mobile refugees. Prexar Mobile has secured the right to offer contract-free monthly plans to former Amp’d customers who, unt

While Rome Burned, Amp'd Used Venture Capital On Porn

You just know that this is going to end in a Hollywood movie. Matt Marshall at Venture Beat has the scoop on what the Amp’d team were spending part of their $360 million in venture capital on: p

Verizon Hates Amp'd Customers, You

On my way home from dinner I decided to stop by the Verizon store below my apartment to ask about an Amp’d Motorola Q in my possession. I just wanted to know if I could port an existing Verizon numb

Amp'd is Done. Helio Surges

It seems like the only way for virtual mobile operators (MVNOs) to get any news today is by shutting down. Amp’d, the high-flying mobile operator, is powering down on July 24. Or to be more accu

Amp’d Shutting Down?

This could be the final week for mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Amp’d Mobile, which had previously filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last month. Last week Verizon Wireless, the carrier that pr

Adderton Out at Amp’d

mocoNews is reporting that Peter Adderton has left the building! The embattled CEO has stepped down as CEO of Amp’d Mobile, and the company’s president Bill Stone is main company figure in the ban

Qualcomm Eyeing Amp'd, I Don't Think So

This is simply an “interesting idea” from In-Stat analyst, Allen Nogee, and what he thinks will happen to bankrupt Amp’d. He believes Amp’d’s daddy, Qualcomm, will save the MVNO and use it a

Verizon To Turn Down the Amp’d

Could things get worse for Amp’d Mobile? Well things can always get worse. But today, the word is that Verizon could make things very bad indeed. Over at sister site Crunchgear they’re saying that

Amp'd Melts Down, Helio Says They Are Doing Just Fine

When Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Amp’d declared bankruptcy earlier this week, a lot of people pointed to competitor Helio as the next one to fall. There are suspicious similarities be

Amp'd Mobile Implodes: Burns $360 million, Declares Bankruptcy

Amp’d Mobile, a popular Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. The company competed with VelvetPuffin, Loopt and He

Amp'd Moto Q User Guide Leaked

A recently leaked document all but confirms the imminent launch of the Moto Q under Amp’d Mobile’s moniker. The user guide is copyrighted 2007 so the launch could be very soon. Unfortunately, the

The Futurist: Your Friendar is Broken… or How MVNOs Can Succeed

It’s nigh impossible to open a magazine these days without finding a four-page ad spread telling you that Helio is not just a phone. Nope, its a “Friendar” too! And, even better, it gives yo

Amp'd Mobile to Launch Smartphones, Starting with Motorola Q?

We just received an anonymous tip on Amp’d Mobile, claiming the youth-oriented network is planning on leveraging its hybrid pricing plans to become the first MVNO to offer smartphones. While thi