Raising The Most Money Doesn't Mean Your Company Will Become The Most Valuable

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Tales From The Deadpool: Amp'd Mobile's Sordid Remains

This is a New York real-estate story and one of marketing excess. It’s about Amp’d Mobile, the too-hip-for-its-own-good virtual mobile carrier that filed for bankruptcy last June after bur

Amp’d Get 25 Percent Stake in Prexar

It is almost a done deal. Prexar Mobile will buy Amp’d Mobile, and in exchange the bankrupt MVNO will get a 25 percent stake in Prexar. A Delaware judge has approved United Systems Access (serving u

Prexar Mobile Picks Up the Amp’d Pieces

Yesterday Prexar Mobile, a provider of wireless voice, messaging and data services, announced it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire the strategic wireless assets of Amp’d Mobile. Customes

Porn Destroys Amp'd Mobile

Amp’d Mobile is most likely shutting down today, July 31, and a list of assets for sale shows where the $360 million in VC went that caused the MVNO to file for Chapter 11. Of course, there’s the

Amp’d Not Down Yet

Amp’d Mobile customers had gotten a reprieve yesterday, and the company, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 1, said service will continue until at least July 31. As of Tuesday the youth-o

Amp'd Still Going Strong

Welcome to July 24, everyone. I guess Amp’d didn’t get the memo and forgot to shut off services. I fired up my Moto Q this morning and everything still worked. So I started downloading some more C

Amp’d Mobile Offers Some Answers

We’ll be watching the Amp’d Mobile site very closely today. The MVNO has posted an FAQ page detailing its closure and offering some options for its current customers. What we do know is that the s

Amp'd Mobile Shutting Down July 24

According to Amp’d’s Q&A section, “Amp’d is potentially suspending US operations on July 24th.” All customer support will cease and desist after July 23. I guess the

Qualcomm To Save Amp'd… Probably Not

Will Qualcomm step up and be the knight in shining armor for Amp’d Mobile? Our sister site Crunchgear doesn’t think Qualcomm is eyeing Amp’d, even if In-Stat analyst Allen Nogee thinks it could

Verizon To Shut Off Amp'd Mobile?

With Amp’d Mobile filing for Chapter 11 protection and owing Verizon a lot of cash, things in the future could not get any worse for the dying MVNO. But I suppose Verizon threatening to shut off

Amp'd Mobile Goes Bankrupt, Claims They're Getting Too Big

Late Friday night the hippest MVNO next to Helio filed for Chapter 11 due to rapid growth and a back-end infrastructure that was unable to handle its 200K subscriber base. Amp’d claims they just

Party Over at Amp’d Mobile?

Are things really over for Amp’d Mobile? As our sister site at TechCrunch is reporting the word is that the company has burned through $360 million in the last two years, and is now in Chapter 11 ba

Amp'd Mobile Being Fined $100k

Amp’d has been a naughty, naughty MVNO! The FCC is about to lay the smackdown on Amp’d for not protecting customer data securely enough. Turns out HP hired a bunch of private detectives to

Amp'd Mobile Comes To Canada

Our hockey-playing, pot-growing neighbors to the north have got a new MVNO in town and the content it’s packing is looking pretty tight. Amp’d Mobile will be leeching off TELUS’ EVDO

Sprint Offering Unlimited Plans To Compete With MVNOs

Facing tough competition from MVNOs like Amp’d Mobile and Helio, both of which offer unlimited calling/data plans, Sprint will be testing out unlimited access plans in the San Francisco Bay area