Google promises publishers an alternative to AMP

Google's AMP project is not uncontroversial. Users often love it because it makes mobile sites load almost instantly. Publishers often hate it because they feel like they are giving Google too much co

AMP for email is a terrible idea

Google just announced a plan to "modernize" email, allowing "engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences." Does that sound like a terrible idea to anyone else? It sure sounds like a terrib

Google wants to use AMP to make email more interactive

Google’s AMP format has always been about making mobile pages render faster. But Google is now taking it beyond posts, recipes and how-to articles. First, the company launched the new AMP story

Google takes AMP beyond basic posts with its new story format

For the most part, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages project was about what its name implies: accelerating mobile pages. Unsurprisingly, that mostly meant quickly loading and rendering existing articl

Google acquires Relay Media to convert ordinary web pages to AMP pages

AMP -- Google's collaborative project to speed up the loading time for mobile web pages -- is getting an interesting acceleration of its own today. Relay Media, a company founded by an ex-Googler that

Google brings expanded AMP support to search and display ads

When Google launched its AMP project about a year and a half ago, the focus was squarely on speeding up mobile web pages, with a special emphasis on news sites. Over the last few months, both the scop

Google’s AMP now powers 2B+ mobile pages and 900K domains, loads 2x faster

As Google looks for ways to keep people using its own mobile search to discover content — in competition with apps and other services like Facebook’s Instant Articles — the company

Google fixes a big problem with AMP, now lets you view and share a publisher’s own links

Google today is rolling out a change to its AMP integration in Google Search that will let you view, copy and share the publisher’s own link to the webpage in question, instead of the AMP URL.

Google partners with Cloudflare and TripleLift to improve AMP ads

Google is making a number of ad partner announcements around its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format today. The idea behind AMP is to speed up the mobile web experience for users and it’s no s

Microsoft’s Bing mobile apps get support for Google’s AMP

Bing, the search engine Microsoft pays you to use, is jumping on the AMP bandwagon. The open source AMP format is essentially Google’s version of Facebook’s Instant Articles and its stri

Google’s AMP project expands beyond news

Six months after launching AMP for news stories in its mobile search results, Google today announced the next step for the project: moving AMP beyond news and bringing it to other mobile sites, too.

Google is bringing new ad types to AMP, including those annoying flying carpet ads

AMP, which is essentially Google's answer to Facebook's fast-loading Instant Pages, first launched on Google's mobile search results pages but it's now being integrated into a wider number of products

Google app for iOS gets support for AMP and keyboard shortcuts

Google launched an updated version of its Google app for iOS today. Typically, these are minor updates, but today’s version brings a couple of interesting new features to the app. The most immed

Google’s Plan To Accelerate The Mobile Web Will Go Live In February

Google’s plan to accelerate the mobile web – also known as the “Accelerated Mobile Pages Project” or AMP, for short – now has a launch date. The company said this week t

SoundFocus Wants To Make The iPhone Case For Audiophiles

The Amp is many things to many people. The iPhone-compatible device clicks over your device and offers a backup batter, dual speakers, and, for the audiophile out there, a noise reducing pre-amp that

Orb releases a mini Speaker/Amp combo

Orb, a small company in New York, makes odd-looking speakers with some great sound. They just announced a small speaker/amp combo for $299 which includes two speakers and an optional subwoofer. The ha

Tube amplifier-shaped USB speaker

<img src="" /> <a href="">Tube or valve amplifiers</a> are electronic amplifier

Vox amPlug headphone amps

<img src="" align="left"> It's a well known fact of life that creativity flows better when the sun is down. The best essays are wr

Victor JVC announces a very pretty, very thin home theater sound system

<img src="" /> Victor JVC has <a href="">announced</a> [JP] a new home t

Behold a steampunk guitar amp

<img src="" />If you're going to practice guitar for several hours a day, you might as well have <a href="http://steampunkworkshop
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