• Samsung To Bring Its Flexible AMOLED Displays To Devices And Lighting Next Year

    Remember those cool flexible screens Samsung was showing off early this year? Well, they weren’t just for show and tell. Samsung plans to mass-produce these suckers in 2012, and plans to put them in everything that isn’t flat. Read More

  • No AMOLED Panels For The iPad 3, Unfortunately

    There has been some speculation as of late that Apple might upgrade to AMOLED panels for the iPad 3, rumors that were effectively squashed by industry sources claiming that the current rate of AMOLED panel production won’t be able to meet iPad 3 demand, according to DigiTimes. Read More

  • New Flexible AMOLED Screen Is A Tenth Of A Millimeter Thick

    We’ve seen some thin, flexible displays out there (TDK, Sony, LG, HP, and others are working on them), but I do believe this one is the thinnest yet. The others have gotten as thin as 0.3mm, but this one from Taiwanese research company ITRI is a microscopic 0.1mm. Who knows, that last 0.2mm could be the difference that makes a breakthrough device possible. Hopefully not literally… Read More

  • Samsung S-Pad coming in August?

    Well, we’re apparently in the time of the tablets. First it was the netbooks, then the e-book readers, and now the big thing is everyone has to have a tablet to peddle. Samsung is doing things a little differently, but I don’t know if it’ll be different enough to make an impact in the (soon to be) flooded market. Read More

  • Samsung S8500 becomes first Bluetooth 3.0 approved handset

    There is nothing more satisfying than claiming to be the first at anything, and so far this week, Samsung must be pretty happy with itself. After announcing its plans to mass produce AMOLED touchscreens, the first to include built-in touch functions, Samsung’s S8500 will be the first consumer handset to feature Bluetooth 3.0. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, or SIG, has approved… Read More

  • Samsung looks to mass produce 3.3" AMOLED touchscreen displays

    Standard, boring LED screens: your days are numbered! Samsung announced today that it will begin mass producing AMOLED displays with touch functions built right in. The displays will be 3.3″ WVGA touchscreens that will be, thanks to the AMOLED technology, much thinner than your average touchscreen display on current phones. The beauty of this technology is that it produces thinner… Read More

  • LG shows off their new 15-inch transparent AMOLED monitor

    LG showed off their newest project at the FPD-International 2009 show in Japan recently, a 15-inch transparent display. Are we seeing the future of TV and computer monitors? Who knows, but it’s interesting to see nonetheless. Of course, it’s still a prototype, and we have no idea when we’ll see it in retail, how much it will cost, or anything specific. Read More

  • Video: LG's AMOLED display is mighty thin – miiiighty thin

    1.7mm. Well! I remember when I was impressed by a third of an inch — a comparably girthy 8mm. These LG TVs use AMOLED technology, which pretty much is the business except for cost and size limitations right now. Keep in mind that the guts of the TV aren’t contained in that thin part — but the fact that it can stand alone means that the CPU and such can all be hidden or… Read More

  • Rugged LG AMOLED displays withstand hammer blows

    Thank god they’re finally making some strong screens. I have to replace my display every single time I hit it with a hammer — that’s unacceptable! LG’s display, shown here, was being hit repeatedly by a mallet during a demo at Computex. The simpler construction of an OLED display means it can be more robust to physical abuse. Now you can throw that Wiimote all you want! Read More

  • Look at how bendy this prototype Samsung AMOLED is

    Some flexible AMOLED news for you. (I know, right?) Samsung just showed off a prototype 6.5-inch display that’s less of a hassle to produce in large quantities. (Temperature doesn’t need to be as closely monitored, manufacturing costs have dropped, etc.) Samsung envisages something like this being used in electronic book readers, electronic passports, etc. Paper be damned, I guess. Read More

  • Samsung: Chicks dig it. Puppies, hedgehogs, and hamsters as well

    This absurd little video is ostensibly to show off the sweet new AMOLED screens gracing the S8300, OmniaHD and others. But I’m thinking it was more of a way for their internal viral team to get to play with a whole bunch of baby animals. What if that was your job? Anyway, click on through for the cuteness. Read More

  • Samsung S8300 AMOLED Touchscreen Slider lacks kitchen sink

    While I can’t say I agree with the color scheme (Orange and black? I can’t decide whether it looks like a Halloween toy or a cheap pair of Reeboks), it looks like Samsung has managed one hell of an engineering feat with the just-leaked S8300. According to, this thing comes packed tight with a 2.8″ WQVGA AMOLED touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera with autoflash… Read More

  • Samsung shows a practical use for OLED screens

    OLED screens are nice but small. Perfect for a notebook but impractical for, say, a television. This prototype of a laptop by Samsung has a keyboard that’s made me agitated just by looking at it, but features a 12.1-inch 1280×768 active matrix OLED screen, which I bet is gorgeous. Now we just need the price of these screens to come way, way down and before you know it, laptops… Read More

  • Big, cheap OLED displays mainstream by 2009-2010

    It’s just a matter of time before you’ll be able to point at friends, family, and co-workers and laugh at them about how stupid their LCD monitors look compared to your sweet active-matrix OLED monitor. According to DigiTimes, Samsung’s betting that its active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) production should reach economies of scale by the end of next year, with 3 million panels… Read More

  • Samsung's AMOLED phone has the longest acronym

    Samsung has created another good-looking phone, and this time it even has a few chin-stroke-worthy features. Sure, everyone loves LEDs, and OLEDs I’m told are the future. So what about AMOLEDs? Surely more letters = more quality. The AM stands for Active Matrix, and Samsung and LG have used it in a few very thin TVs. To you, the consumer, this means low power consumption, bright… Read More

  • Samsung and LG Announce Skinny AMOLEDs

    What are we teaching the children of the world when companies are constantly telling AMOLEDs they’re too fat? In their quest to rid the world of fatty, fat, fat AMOLEDs, Samsung and LG have both announced uber-thin displays today. Samsung is touting another ‘world’s thinnest’ with a 2.2-inch display that’s 0.52mm thick-about the same size as your credit card. Read More