Nintendo’s Mario Amiibo Gets The Silver Treatment

Nintendo knows a money-maker when it sees one, and its Amiibo interactive toys are just that. The figurines are getting special editions based on their early success, and the Silver Edition variant is

Nintendo Answers Amiibo Fan Frustration

Nintendo's Amiibo toys are selling well; almost too well, depending on who you're asking. Fans are frustrated that many specific models are very hard to get, unless you're willing to pay a lot on site

Nintendo Wants You To Subscribe To Its New Amiibo NFC Toys

If you’re looking to get your hands on Nintendo’s new Amiibo figurines, which contain an embedded NFC chip and can be used to build characters in compatible Wii U games, Loot Crate has an

Nintendo’s Extended Amiibo Video Is Weird And Long But Good

Nintendo has a new online ad for its Amiibo ‘toys-to-life’ mobile figures, and the spot depicts the lengthy journey of one young player looking to upgrade his collectible character in orde

Nintendo To Launch Super Smash Bros. For Wii U And Its Amiibo Interactive Toys Nov. 21

Nintendo’s entry into the ‘toys-to-life’ market is nearly upon us; the company announced today that it would release its first set of 12 NFC-enabled Amiibo will be available from Nov

Nintendo Reveals Amiibo, Skylanders-Style NFC Figurines That Evolve As You Play

Today during its digital event, Nintendo revealed Amiibo, its new product category of Skylander and Disney Infinity-style collectible figurines. These include an NFC chip, and when used with a Wii U c