How to recruit when your software startup is in stealth mode

A founding team can be a startup’s greatest differentiator. Here's what this startup did to hire a full team while still in stealth mode.

Internet Archive posted 10,000 browser-playable Amiga titles – go, play

Seriously, go. Enjoy yourself. It’s Monday. We’ll still be here when you get back. It’s bound to be a long week. The world is coming apart at the seams. Your boss won’t notice if you play a ro

The Armiga Project Aims To Resurrect The Meditating Guru

If you have a bunch of old Amiga disks lying around, we may have an <a target="_blank" href="">Indiegogo project for you</a>. Called the Armiga, this i

Amigakit Brings The Amiga Into The 21st Century With New X1000

Amiga, Amiga... why does that name sound familiar? Ah yes, <em>that</em> Amiga. A strong early competitor in the PC wars, Commodore's influential and graphics-heavy OS was unfortunately more or les

The Amiga is coming back!

<img src="" />The Amiga lives! Yes, a company by the name of A-EON will resurrect the famous computer this summer, but not before pum

Amiga: My parents didn't love me

[dailymotion id=x2qo2d] Look at that. This a video of about fifty nifty games available for the Amiga back in the day. Even today those graphics are on par with some more casual games and some titles