How to recruit when your software startup is in stealth mode

A founding team can be a startup’s greatest differentiator. Here's what this startup did to hire a full team while still in stealth mode.

Internet Archive posted 10,000 browser-playable Amiga titles – go, play

Seriously, go. Enjoy yourself. It’s Monday. We’ll still be here when you get back. It’s bound to be a long week. The world is coming apart at the seams. Your boss won’t notice if you play a ro

The Armiga Project Aims To Resurrect The Meditating Guru

If you have a bunch of old Amiga disks lying around, we may have an <a target="_blank" href="">Indiegogo project for you</a>. Called the Armiga, this i

Amigakit Brings The Amiga Into The 21st Century With New X1000

Amiga, Amiga... why does that name sound familiar? Ah yes, <em>that</em> Amiga. A strong early competitor in the PC wars, Commodore's influential and graphics-heavy OS was unfortunately more or les

The Amiga is coming back!

<img src="" />The Amiga lives! Yes, a company by the name of A-EON will resurrect the famous computer this summer, but not before pum

Amiga: My parents didn't love me

Look at that. This a video of about fifty nifty games available for the Amiga back in the day. Even today those graphics are on par with some more casual games and some titles you’d still find o