Amazon Acquires Amie Street, But Not In A Good Way

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" /><a href="">Amie Street</a> is one of those startups that just got m

Sony First Big Label To Try Amie Street Variable Music Pricing

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News Flash: Amie Street Swallowed Songza Six Months Ago

<img src="" width="150" height="150" /> For months, popular music store <a href="">Amie Street</a> has

Amie Street Sheds Its Barebones Look, Gets Professional With Site Redesign

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Get The Walkmen Album Early, Help Charity On Amie Street

Amie Street, the indie music store that prices songs by their popularity, has pre-released The Walkmen’s new album You & Me three weeks before its scheduled launch date. The entire album is

Amie Street Lands Big Content Deal With The Orchard

Amie Street, the music store that features dynamic pricing that varies according to a song’s popularity, has secured a deal with digital music distributor The Orchard, which holds a catalog of o

Amie Street Loves Prostitutes

When you think of prostitutes, you usually think of vice and the dark side of the Valley, and not something most startups would want to be associated it. Independent online music service Amie Street n

Could Spitzer Scandal Take Skype Video Mainstream?

While Eliot Spitzer’s predilection for hookers (sorry, high priced call-girls) has made headlines worldwide, video over Skype may end up as a beneficiary. Marked as a first for national TV, CNN

Amie Street Begins Data Mining and Artist Promotion

Amie Street is one of my favorite startups right now, partially because they are the embodiment of (what I consider to be) the perfect music model: DRM-free MP3s sold at pure market driven prices. The