Amex and Microsoft turn to AI to make expense reports less horrible

ChatGPT is getting all the attention as of late, but modern AI technologies have a range of use cases beyond finally making Bing useful. One emerging trend is putting AI to work to aid with the frustr

India lifts ban on American Express

India has lifted business restrictions on American Express, once again permitting the U.S. giant to onboard new customers in the South Asian market after the firm demonstrated “satisfactory comp

Anthemis, Airbase and Ramp will talk about balancing runway and growth in competitive sectors at Disrupt

How long is your startup’s runway? It’s an important question and an essential metric for every early-stage founder to know. But for startups wading into hot sectors with big markets — fintech a exits stealth with $20M to help big lenders speed up making high-value loans

Large banks are stepping up their game when it comes to new services and the technology that underpins them, and in many cases they are borrowing straight from the tech world’s playbook: Instead

Airbase teams up with Amex on corporate spend, raises a little capital from the giant

This morning Airbase, a startup in the corporate spend space, announced that it is working with Amex on a pilot that will see its service offered to certain customers of the credit giant. The deal als

American Express taps startup BodesWell for expansion into financial planning

American Express is branching out into financial planning, with a little help from a seven-person startup called BodesWell. This week, the credit card giant launched a pilot of its first self-service

India restricts American Express from adding new customers for violating data storage rules

India’s central bank has restricted American Express and Diners Club from adding new customers starting next month, it said Friday, citing violation of local data-storage rules. In a statement, the

American Express launches new in-app restaurant reservation booking following its Resy acquisition

Earlier this year, American Express announced it was acquiring Resy, the New York-based restaurant reservation platform whose software was used by 4,000+ restaurants across 10 countries. This week, th

As Amex scoops up Resy, a look at its history of acquisitions

American Express (also commonly known as AmEx), a popular credit and banking company, recently announced that it purchased a company called Resy. Resy helps people get seats at restaurants, or as Am

Twitter’s Gareth Paul Jones, Amex’s Tamar Shapiro check-in to new senior roles at Foursquare

Now that the dust has settled from Foursquare’s big split, the company is pushing forward with a few new executives and a brand new office in Los Angeles. The company has recently brought on Gar

AmEx Now Allows Uber Users To Pay For Rides With Rewards Points

With a new integration into the Uber iOS app, AmEx card members who have enrolled in the Membership Rewards program in the U.S. can choose to earn 2x points using their AmEx card to pay for the ride,

How T-Mobile’s New Mobile Banking Service Compares With Simple And Amex Serve

T-Mobile today <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> its intentions to get into the business of providing banking s

Amex Launches Pay By Tweet, Turns Purchases Into Adverts

Amex has extended its Twitter sync feature to enable customers who have synced their Amex account information with Twitter to also pay for certain products by tweeting purchase hashtags. Amex launched

You Can Now Use American Express Membership Points To Buy Facebook Ads

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After Visa, American Express Takes On PayPal With Digital Payments Platform

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Foursquare's SXSW: Version 3.0, Party, Concert, 18 New Badges, And A Genius Amex Deal

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-281401" title="fs" src="" alt="" />Of all the startups launching things at SXSW this year, the most clo

AMEX Digital BD-P1 – a cheap Hong-Kong made Blu-ray player

<img src=""> DVD wasn't a success until that first Christmas when players were available for less than $40 and <a href="ht

CrunchDeals: Amex My WishList goes live today

Amex is once again enticing card holders with the My WishList site that’s pretty much the equivalent to blue balls. The discounts are outrageous starting at 24 percent on up to 80. It opens up t