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Pink Floyd drummer invests in Disciple Media, a platform aimed at the creator economy

Much has been made of the rise of the “creator economy” in the last year. With the pandemic biting, millions flooded online, looking for a way to make money or promote themselves. The podcasting w

American Idol is shooting on iPhones amid stay at home orders

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of otherwise traditional industries to become creative and flexible in ways that might have seemed entirely out of the realm of possibility only a few months ago

Bing Starts Using Search Data To Predict TV Talent Show Votes

Google's attempts to model flu trends based on people's search behavior has come under fire lately, but our search behavior can undoubtedly be used to predict lots of other things. Starting today, Bin

When To Take On Facebook, American Idol Or Virgin Mobile In An IP Fight

<img src="" width="215" height="172" /> In my recent post on how <a href="../2009/12/19/stealth-startupsget-over-yourselves

Fun rumor: Activision looking to turn Guitar Hero into a TV show

<img src="" />Get ready for... Guitar Hero Idol, maybe! There's some rumblings going on that Activision Blizzard is considering turning <i>Gu

Beatles now on American Idol, iTunes-bound soon?

[photopress:btunesart.jpg,full,center] Beatles songs will now be on American Idol, which is now on iTunes. Clearly the natural line of progression is to proclaim that the Beatles catalogue is one step

American Idol performances will be on iTunes

[photopress:idolitunes.jpg,full,center] Aren’t American Idol ratings way down this year? That’s what the Drudge headlines read, I think. That might explain why you’ll soon be able to

Idol And Apple Partner For Fundraising

You may have caught the American Idol episode dubbed “Idol Gives Back.” It featured a bunch of famous recording artists and celebrities doing songs with Idol contestants and what not. I ju