American Idol

  • When To Take On Facebook, American Idol Or Virgin Mobile In An IP Fight

    In my recent post on how stealth mode is a bad idea, I advised entrepreneurs to come out of their shells.  To build marketable products, you need feedback from customers, potential investors/partners and business advisers. And the veil of secrecy which comes with being in stealth mode blocks this feedback. But there is a flip-side that I want to make entrepreneurs more aware of: It is a… Read More

  • Fun rumor: Activision looking to turn Guitar Hero into a TV show

    Get ready for… Guitar Hero Idol, maybe! There’s some rumblings going on that Activision Blizzard is considering turning Guitar Hero into a TV show. It’d either be an American Idol-esque contest show or more along the lines of a reality show. (Those are still around, reality shows?) Yes, perhaps the dumbest idea to ever come out of the United States of America. Read More

  • Beatles now on American Idol, iTunes-bound soon?

    [photopress:btunesart.jpg,full,center] Beatles songs will now be on American Idol, which is now on iTunes. Clearly the natural line of progression is to proclaim that the Beatles catalogue is one step closer to iTunes, right? I’d say that’s a leap of faith I’m not willing to take just yet. If word can leak about Prince Harry being in Afghanistan, then word should be able to… Read More

  • American Idol performances will be on iTunes

    [photopress:idolitunes.jpg,full,center] Aren’t American Idol ratings way down this year? That’s what the Drudge headlines read, I think. That might explain why you’ll soon be able to download Idol performances on iTunes. The show’s creators/rpducers/hangers-on have cut a deal with Apple that will put on iTunes audio of the 24 semifinalists on iTunes and video+audio of… Read More

  • Idol And Apple Partner For Fundraising

    You may have caught the American Idol episode dubbed “Idol Gives Back.” It featured a bunch of famous recording artists and celebrities doing songs with Idol contestants and what not. I just saw a commercial so that’s what I’m assuming went down. Anyways, Apple will be offering all of the performances from last night’s show on the iTunes Music Store in the form… Read More