• Sapphire launching Radeon HD 4870 with 2GB of memory

    Video card technology seems to compete with CPU technology, both of them continuing to obey Moore’s law, and becoming faster and faster with each iteration. Many manufacturers have also taken to increasing the amount of memory on their existing cards to make them run better. Most the time, this results in at least noticeably better performance, as we’ve seen. Read More

  • What's next for netbooks?

    Currently, if you want a netbook, you’re going to get an Intel atom chipset. This is just understood. They are fast, have low heat and power consumption, and are the defacto standard. But AMD is looking to get in on some of that action, and they could be a serious threat to Intel. Read More

  • New Phenom IIs from AMD drop

    AMD enthusiasts should mark February 9th as a red-letter day. Five new processors have been unleashed by the ailing but effective CPU company, and they look like a serious value. If you’re looking to upgrade your box right now, these new processors are pretty much the only reasonable option. Plus, you can upgrade now with your DDR2 setup, and then move to a new DDR3 setup in six months… Read More

  • Nvidia to try its hand at x86 chips, then get its pants sued off

    While Intel is working on taking on the GPU sector (and may just have a deal with Sony to do it), its main rival, Nvidia, is looking to get into the x86 processor business. The video hardware giant is assembling a team from scratch to make a competitor to the Intel and AMD’s CPUs — but doesn’t seem to care that the technology is proprietary and must be licensed from the… Read More

  • Intel and AMD to power PS4, Xbox 720, and WiiII?

    A little creative thinking over at the Inquirer has led them to suggest that Nvidia may get left out in the cold come the new generation of gaming consoles. Intel and AMD are set to split the spoils between them, leaving Nvidia (in its glory and its ego) to play with the PC market, which, as we are constantly being reminded, is dying. Read More

  • Rumor or typo? Radeon 5870 X2 surfaces, dives

    A Dutch retailer briefly lists a “Radeon 5870 X2,” along with specs — conspiracy? Coincidence? Sham? Legit? Or just a typo? Well, check out the specs and then… you be the judge. Read More

  • Run AMD's Fusion utility on any processor

    Although we were a little underwhelmed at what Fusion actually turned out to be (it got a lot of hype), the good news is that it’s helpful anyway, and it’s not bound to hardware. AMD doesn’t want you to do this of course, and the usual caveats of “at your own risk, etc” apply, but there is a way to make Fusion work on your Intel or (I should think) even VIA processor. Read More

  • AMD cutting more of their workforce

    More bad news for AMD. They announced today that they would be reducing their workforce even further. This will be their third round of layoffs, and things are not looking good for the future. At least with Intel, NVIDIA, and other semicondunductor companies also feeling the hurt, AMD doesn’t have to suffer alone. Read More

  • Uh oh – AMD's new processors are no match for last year's Intels

    While it has been a sort of unspoken truth that AMD has ceded the performance cup to Intel over the last couple years, they’ve instead provided an extremely compelling value option, with their processors doing nearly the work of the more expensive Intels for far less money. The new Phenom II processor was to be the keystone in AMD’s new Dragon platform, and while the other features… Read More

  • AMD's Dragon platform hopes to reinvigorate the brand

    A lot of attention has been on Intel’s Nehalem/Core i7 lineup, but AMD hasn’t been slacking. They’ve been working on rolling out their next platform, which is really much more of a complete package than I’ve seen in a while. The new 45nm Phenom II X4 processor is designed to work with the Radeon 4000 series of video cards and the newest 790 series of… Read More

  • AMD and OTOY Working Together on "Fastest Supercomputer Ever"

    Today during an Industry Insider Series keynote at CES in Las Vegas, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer and OTOY CEO Jules Urbach announced that AMD has been working on what it’s calling the world’s “fastest supercomputer ever”, designed “to break the one petaFLOPS barrier and to process a million compute threads across more than 1000 graphics processors”. The… Read More

  • Nvidia, AMD release new drivers

    AMD announced recently that they are releasing the next version of their Catalyst driver, 8.12. It’s currently available for download from their site. The new version of the driver includes speed increases for some of the most popular games, along with improved video transcoding and filters. On the other side of things, Nvidia’s new 180.84 beta drivers have been released in… Read More

  • Another victory for NVIDIA: EA adopts PhysX

    The video card business pendulum has had its swing into AMD territory, but bit by bit NVIDIA is making its comeback after an embarrassing early last generation. This time it’s not more frames per second, but favorable alliances which are gaining ground for the graphics giant: EA and 2K Games (creators of Bioshock) have both agreed to use NVIDIA’s PhysX technology to drive… Read More

  • New reviews have GeForces pulling ahead of Radeons

    I’ve been trumpeting Radeon superiority in this video card generation for months, but it seems that the seesaw is tipping the other way now and NVIDIA is back on their game. Doubtless the cost-for-performance of the 48xx series early on caused NVIDIA to panic and drop prices, but now that the platforms have matured a little bit, drivers have been updated, and new games are being tested… Read More

  • G4saurus Defectus: AMD snipes at NVIDIA in viral cartoon

    I think you have to be a real hardware geek to find this stuff funny, so it’s no surprise that it made me smile. Although it’s not exactly credited, it’s pretty clear that this is a low-key effort by AMD to discredit NVIDIA — the cartoon casts a bediapered dinosaur as NVIDIA’s troubled last generation of video cards and makes fun of their limited and faulty… Read More

  • Code name Shanghai: AMD's 45nm quad-core Opterons are here

    AMD, Intel’s arch nemesis, is rolling out its first 45nm quad-core Opteron processors today. The move to 45nm brings lower power consumption (a decrease by about 35 percent) and increased (by 35 percent, too) “performance,” a term so nebulous it can mean anything. The processor uses the code name Shanghai. The previous 65nm Opterons went by Barcelona, who are absolutely… Read More

  • AMD announcing Atom smashing processor tomorrow?

    It’s being wildly speculated this morning that AMD will announce an Intel Atom smasher tomorrow at a financial analyst meeting. So, in short expect AMD to announce their netbook strategy tomorrow, which they said they’d talk about during the Q3 earnings call. The Reg
    Notebooks Read More

  • AMD expected to announce netbook CPU this week

    Likely irked by the rapid adoption of Intel’s Atom CPU, it’s expected that AMD will announce its own netbook-specific processor this week, according to APC Magazine. The company is claiming that battery life and video performance are the two key areas that need to be better addressed. AMD’s VP of Advanced Marketing, Pat Moorehead, says that we should expect 8 to 9 hours… Read More

  • Some report: Acer looking to release nettop without Intel Atom processor

    There’s word that Acer may well release a nettop, sort of a headless netbook, without the Intel Atom processor early next year. It’s not that Acer is tired of the Atom or anything, but because sales of its Aspire series of netbooks are doing so well that the company doesn’t want to jeopardize the supply of Atom processors. So, it’s reportedly looking at using… Read More

  • AMD lays off 500 people

    Yet another big, successful company feels the crunch; 500 people were eliminated from AMD’s worldwide operations today, although AMD did not say what jobs were cut or where. We haven’t heard similar announcements from the other major players in AMD’s game, Intel and NVIDIA; the former may be banking on the its new Core i7s to buoy earnings, the latter probably made a packet… Read More

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