New AMD processor details leak

<img src="" />Oops! Looks like someone accident let some information out early. AMDs "Thuban" processors will be out next

AMD working on actual netbook chipset, not due until next year

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">AMD</a> is finally looking to get into the netbook game for re

AMD giving away 10 360s, 10 Wiis

<img src="" />AMD is wrapping up their 40 year anniversary party, and they are finishing it up in a big way. Previously, AMD gave away some

Intel vs. AMD: the battle will continue as AMD pays down debt

Not that you guys need to hear everything about the paydowns and “outstanding senior notes,” but you might like to know that AMD isn’t going to bite the dust any time soon. With $1.2

AMD breaks 7GHz barrier with liquid helium and nu-metal

<img src="" />A while back I went to <a href=""

Cool IT shows off liquid cooling kit for AMD

<img src="" />Water cooling is where it's at, currently. Any gamer will tell you that keeping your PC cool is critical for m

AMD’s low-voltage ‘Congo’ platform due soon?

<img src="" alt="amd" />Not content to sit back and let Intel have all the ultra low voltage fun, AMD's low voltage Congo platform is appare

AMD's Eyefinity reviewed on video for your pleasure

<img src="" />Some day, I too will have <a href="">three

Foot-long Radeon 5870 X2 leaked

<img src="" />Do you remember the days when video cards were only as large as your hand? I personally remember installing a

Radeon 5800 series arrives with no pomp, no circumstance, but major improvements

The more my games stutter and the more my HD content skips frames, the more I think about that wonderful day when I shall put together a beautiful new system with all new hardware. The trouble is that

AMD busts out a sub-$100 quad-core processor

<img src="" />AMD just revealed a processor for their "Mainstream Desktop Platform" that will be going for less than a b

AMD demos "Eyefinity" mega-multi-monitor system

<img src="" />Those of you who run multiple monitors know the freedom it gives as well as the pain of configur

AMD specs its new ultrathins, but no pictures yet

<img src="" />I know, you like posts with pictures in them. Well, too bad! AMD's new ultrathin platform isn't quite ready for its cl

AMD simplifies its brand again with "Vision"

<img src="" />AMD is sort of becoming the Mac of PC hardware. That is to say, they perform well, but in the end want it to be about a fi

AMD's official video from the Austin overclocking event

<img src="" />While I was <a href="">sliding

AMD's Atom killer won't be here until 2010

<img src="" alt="AMD" />AMD CEO Dirk Meyer recently revealed that his "company is currently developing a platform that features lower-power

HP dv2 being refreshed with new AMD Neo setup

<img alt="" src="" />Don't count AMD as being out. In response to the ever growing netbook/small laptop market, AMD has announced their

Video: Horsing around at AMD's Austin overclocking event

<img src="" />Last week AMD <a href="">invited CrunchGear d

Live at AMD's Austin overclocking event

<img src="" class="center" I'm eating lunch in the conference here in AMD's Lone Star campus while they&

AMD teases Intel, launches website about it

<img src="" />AMD launched the <a href="">Break Free Page</a>: a collection of articles and quote
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