• AMD Adds USB 3.0 To Fusion APUs

    AMD will add USB 3.0 to its AMD Fusion line of APUs. Huzzah! That makes AMD the first chipmaker to support the interface (though it’s been available in higher end motherboards from the likes of Asus and Gigabyte for about a year now). Yes, yes, Intel invented the spec, but its newfangled Thunderbolt interface seems to be getting all the love. Why would you bother with USB 3.0, then? Read More

  • Report: Radeon 7000 Series Already Nearing Mass Production

    Tick tock, tick tock. What are we waiting for? No, not for Fernando Torres to finally score for Chelsea (although we are, in fact, waiting for that to happen), but for AMD to release its latest GPU, the Radeon HD 7000. Digi Times, which is about as solid as source as you can get, says mass production will begin in May. That should put retail availability at July 2011 at the earliest. Read More

  • Citing Consumer Awareness, AMD Officially Retires 25-Year-Old ATI Brand

    It’s officially the end of an era. AMD has confirmed what has been rumored for a few months now, that it plans to drop the ATI brand name. AMD says it’s doing so because consumers are more familiar with AMD, so it makes no sense to try to keep pushing the ATI brand. Pour one out for ATI when you have a moment. Read More

  • Yeah, I Could Rock That: AMD's 5×1 Eyefinity Setup Looks Sick

    Tom’s Hardware got up close and personal with a sweet-looking AMD Eyefinity spread at AMD’s Ontario office. It’s running off one of the new Radeon 6990s, and the 5×1 mode lets you use portrait orientation to minimize horizontal seams. But when are we going to get some of these bezel-less monitors I keep hearing about? I know LG’s working on it, but hurry up… Read More

  • AMD Belittles Thunderbolt, Says It's Unnecessary

    AMD certainly would benefit from minimizing Thunderbolt. If Thunderbolt were to catch on, AMD would likely have to purchase components from chief rival, Intel. AMD says that they support USB 3.0 and that Thunderbolt’s speed would be superfluous. Read More

  • AMD Hardware Acceleration Comes To Flash Player 10.2

    Adobe released version 10.2 of its Flash Player yesterday, but this bit of news may have flown under the radar. It seems that Adobe worked with AMD in order to bring hardware acceleration to Flash video—provided you’re using recent AMD hardware, of course. What could be better than hardware accelerated YouTube videos? Read More

  • AMD Inching Closer To ‘Green’ Processors With Next-Gen APUs

    Are graphics cards (and processors) now going green? AMD is certainly trying, having noted that its E-350 APU “demonstrated a significant reduction in the overall product ‘carbon footprint’” compared to previous AMD Anthlon processors and Mobility Radeon graphics cards. We’re talking a 40 percent reduction in carbon emission over the life of the APU. This is the… Read More

  • Simple BIOS Flash Turns AMD Radeon HD 6950 Into A 6970!

    Did Santa give you an AMD Radeon HD 6950 this year? Good news: he actually gave you a 6970! It turns out that with a few clicks of your mouse you can unlock your 6950 so that it runs at 6970 speeds. Nice! Read More

  • ATI Brand Name Disappears From Latest Radeon Driver Suite

    AMD has released the latest version (10.12) of its Catalyst Control Center driver suite, and there’s something missing: ATI branding! You’ll recall that AMD had decided to phase out the ATI brand name on its Radeon graphics cards (AMD bought ATI several years ago), with the thinking that “Radeon” means more to consumers than “ATI.” Starting with this… Read More

  • AMD's New 68XX Series Brings Solid Performance To Mainstream Budget Levels

    I’ve been thinking of putting together a new system recently, and for the video card, I was almost certainly going to go for a GeForce GTX 460 — around $200 is the sweet spot for a good mid-budget GPU, and the 460 has been holding up to its competition for some time. But with the release of the new AMD Radeon 6850 and 6870, I might have to switch back to Radeon once more. Read More

  • AMD Radeon 6000 Series Specs Trickle Out

    I’m reasonably certain the first reviews of the new AMD Radeons will hit the Net on Friday, so until then we’ll have to make due with leaked slides and the like. It’s both an exciting and depressing time: excited to see what AMD has in store, but depressed to know that my once high flying 5970 is now old news. Read More

  • AMD To Release Next-Generation Graphics Cards Next Week: DX11 Round Two

    AMD mentioned in its earnings call that its next-generation graphics cards will be released next week. Details are non-existent, so don’t even bother asking. I do know that the codename of the architecture is “Northern Islands.” Read More

  • AMD To Phase Out ATI Name With Next Batch Of Graphics Cards

    ATI, we hardly knew ye. Word on the street is that AMD, which bought ATI for a cool $5.4 billion some four years ago, will phase out the ATI name later this year. Apparently AMD’s research indicates that people prefer the AMD name to the ATI name, but that, above that, the name that really sells is Radeon. Goodbye ATI Radeon Pro, hello AMD Radeon Pro. Read More

  • Radeon HD 6870 Performance Numbers Leak

    As the video card wars continue, the as of yet unreleased AMD Radeon HD 6870 looks to be a serious weapon. How do we know? Well, the Chinese website managed to get a benchmark showing some very interesting information about the new card. A 3DMark score of 11,500 is about 2,500 more then the previous high end card, the Nvidia GTX 480 and the HD 5870. This reflects what appears to be… Read More

  • Video: AMD explains the explosive growth of the Cloud (there's no stopping it!)

    From the good folks at AMD comes this, a video explaining the wonders and joys of moving all of our computing… to the Cloud! The soundtrack makes me feel like I’m in the movie Hackers. What a simultaneously great and terrible movie. Read More

  • Another Dell ultraportable, this one AMD-based (and cheaper)

    Last week we saw a nice little semi-rugged ultraportable (or notelet, as I like to say) introduced by Dell, and although it seemed just a little underpowered for the price, its build quality might make up for it. And here we have another ultraportable, an Inspiron, showing up on Dell Singapore. Powered by the newest mobile AMD chipset and Neo processors and the usual… Read More

  • Apple in talks with AMD? Set relationship status to "it's complicated"

    AMD reps have been seen zooming around the Apple campus, taking meetings and presumably hawking their wares. With the recent MacBook Pro update proudly proclaiming the power of the Core i5 and i7 processors inside, and the work with Intel and NVIDIA to produce seamless hybrid graphics acceleration, it seems a rather odd time to be window-shopping with other vendors. But Apple has always been… Read More

  • Hey, AMD's doing just fine too! Recession over!

    Yesterday we learned that Intel tore it up during the first quarter of 2010. Good for them, but what about longtime rival AMD? Turns out they’re doing nicely as well, with record quarter revenue and signs of general recovery for the semiconductor business. I won’t get into the details (check the Register) but it looks like the daring footwork done over the last couple years is… Read More

  • New AMD processor details leak

    Oops! Looks like someone accident let some information out early. AMDs “Thuban” processors will be out next month, and there wasn’t a whole lot of information out there until recently. Turns out that somebody talked. Well, at least someone’s BIOS talked. Read More

  • AMD working on actual netbook chipset, not due until next year

    AMD is finally looking to get into the netbook game for real. Forget about the thin-and-light NEO chipset that’s been out for a while—we’re talking about an honest, netbook-specific chipset based on the company’s Fusion initiative that’ll blend power-sipping CPUs with ATI graphics. The platform will draw between 10 and 15 watts of power and will be designed… Read More