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  • Cash-Starved Ambient Industries Folds Location Browser App Flook

    Cash-Starved Ambient Industries Folds Location Browser App Flook

    Nearly two years ago, Ambient Industries raised capital to boost development and marketing of its iPhone app Flook, a location-based social discovery application. Alas, they never got the kind of traction needed to develop a business model solid enough to make money from the app. Yesterday, the people behind Flook sent an email to users announcing that the app will be retired “some time… Read More

  • Flook extends it StumbleUpon-for-location app beyond the iPhone

    Flook, a sort of StumbleUpon for location-based discovery from Ambient Industries, has extended its content creation tool beyond the iPhone so that users can create ‘cards’ via a standard web browser. The new Web Card Creator takes advantage of modern web browsers’ support for HTML5. You can upload a photo, have your browser detect your approximate location (or tell flook… Read More

  • Ambient Industries Gets More Funding To Build Out Its StumbleUpon For Location

    Location-based services continue their hot streak when it comes to funding, as Ambient Industries has received an extension to their seed round to build out their application Flook. Alongside this news, Flook is gaining a number of new features to expand it location-based discovery elements. The extension of the funding from Amadeus Capital Partners and Eden Ventures totals close to $1… Read More