In spite of recent downward trend, the future remains bright for cloud

It would be easy to think the best days of the public cloud are over, but the data suggests otherwise, and there's lots of room for growth.

Amazon is developing an improved LLM to power Alexa

Amazon is building a more “generalized and capable” large language model (LLM) to power Alexa, said Amazon CEO Andy Jassy during the company’s first-quarter earnings call yesterday.

Amazon omits India business in earnings, a first in years

Amazon omitted any reference to India in Thursday’s earnings call and release, a notable change for the e-commerce giant that has consistently highlighted rapid growth and bullish outlook in the

Pinterest announces multiyear ads partnership with Amazon alongside earnings beat

Pinterest today announced a multiyear strategic ad partnership with Amazon aimed at bringing more brands and relevant products to its platform. The new deal will make the e-commerce giant Pinterest&#8

Amazon closing Halo health division, lays off staff while offering hardware refunds

Amazon sent out a note to Halo customers today announcing that it is shutting down its Halo Health division, effective July 31. Included in the announcement is news of layoffs, as well as full refunds

Robotics safety firm Veo raises $29 million, with help from Amazon

Survey a lot of industrial warehouses and you’ll see a lot of cages. It’s a safety thing — effectively a way of ensuring that robots don’t accidentally hurt people. They’re big, fast and

India warns e-commerce giants, urges adoption of open network

India will use the “full force of the government” to promote the adoption of its open e-commerce network, cautioning e-commerce giants failing to join the initiative within the stipulated time fra

Amazon tops LinkedIn’s list of best places to work, jobseeker priorities shift to workplace culture

There have been more than 171,000 people in the tech industry laid off so far this year, according to data tracked by, but those looking for work are not in a “beggars can’t be

Can’t watch without subtitles? Prime Video’s new feature makes dialogue easier to hear

Can’t hear the TV anymore? You’re not alone. TV dialogue has gotten harder to understand over the years, leading everyone to turn subtitles on while watching. Today, that problem is top of

Survey says!

Last fall, Alex and I discussed bringing back the TC+ robotics survey. I gave him the usual caveat: I’m into it, but it will have to wait until I can find the time. You know how these things go —

With Bedrock, Amazon enters the generative AI race

Amazon is throwing its hat into the generative AI ring. But rather than build AI models entirely by itself, it’s recruiting third parties to host models on AWS. AWS today unveiled Amazon Bedrock

FTC orders supplement maker to pay $600K in first case involving hijacked Amazon reviews

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has approved a final consent order in its first-ever enforcement action over a case involving “review hijacking,” or when a marketer steals consumer revie

India’s central bank abandons UPI rival project

India’s central bank has halted its plans for a high-profile project intended to rival the nation’s dominant payment system, Unified Payments Interface. The project had attracted significa

Amazon’s $1.7B iRobot acquisition scrutinized by UK on competition grounds

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has confirmed that it’s assessing Amazon’s billion-dollar bid for robot vacuum maker iRobot. The case is still at its earliest possibl

Amazon to shutter Book Depository, a UK-based online bookseller it acquired in 2011, on April 26

Amazon is set to shutter Book Depository, an online bookstore and competitor it acquired back in 2011. The news comes hot on the heels of a swath of cutbacks at the internet giant, with two separate r

Amazon wants to boost ten generative AI startups around the globe

Amazon’s first foray into the world of accelerator programs, designed to help early-stage startups build and launch, was focused on conversational AI back in 2016. Now, seven years later, Amazon has

Amazon Pharmacy now automatically applies coupons on select brand name drugs

Amazon Pharmacy announced today that it will now automatically apply manufacturer coupons on brand name drugs to an eligible patient’s order. The company is working with GSK, Kaléo, Novo Nordis

Amazon now lets T-Mobile customers make and receive calls via an Alexa-enabled device

Amazon now allows T-mobile customers to link their mobile numbers and make or receive hands-free Wi-Fi calls through Alexa-enabled devices.

Amazon-backed Acko nears $120 million in new funding

Indian insurtech Acko is in late-stage discussions to secure $120 million in a funding round, a source told TechCrunch.

India government-backed open e-commerce network expands to mobility

ONDC, the Indian government-backed initiative that is attempting to democratize e-commerce, has now set its eyes on the mobility industry.
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