Amazon Prime Music

Amazon launches its Prime Music service in India

Amazon has quietly launched its Prime Music service in India today. The retailer brought its Prime service to India some 18 months ago, but at the time it was lacking the free music and video streamin

Amazon Prime Music Gets Its Own Exclusive Content With Launch Of Amazon Acoustics

Amazon is expanding its Prime Music service today with the launch of a new collection of exclusive acoustical recordings from a number of artists, both established and up-and-coming. At launch, there

Amazon Expands Prime Music Catalog By “Hundreds Of Thousands” Of Songs

One of the major complaints with Amazon Prime Music, the company’s new streaming music service bundled in with its Amazon Prime membership program, was its lack of song selection, and especially

Amazillions Are Streaming Music Via Amazon Prime

Amazon today released its first numbers offering some insight into how many people are streaming music over its new Amazon Prime Music service a little over a week after its launch. Before you ask,

Amazon Prime Music Is Actually About Selling More Physical Goods

We are entering the age of the omnibundle, where what you see isn't what you're paying for. Take Amazon adding a "free" music-streaming service to its $99 a year Prime club. The goal is to lure more p

Amazon Turns On Prime Music Streaming, Sans Current Hits

There have been a lot of murmurs that Amazon would turn on a new music-streaming service this week, and it looks like that's just what it quietly did a little while ago. A link to Amazon Prime Music,