Amazon Glow

Amazon kills its interactive, video-calling device, Amazon Glow, launched last year

Just over a year after its debut, Amazon is discontinuing its interactive, video-calling device for kids and families, the Amazon Glow. First introduced at Amazon’s annual hardware event last ye

Amazon Kids+ subscription service launches its first original mobile games

Amazon Kids+ (previously FreeTime) is giving children another excuse to beg for their parents’ phones. Amazon today announced two new kid-friendly mobile games for its subscription-based enterta

After six months of invite-only sales, Amazon Glow is now available to all in the US

Back in September of last year, Amazon announced a curious-looking device called the Amazon Glow. Part video calling device and part projector, it’s meant to connect kids with distant family mem

The Amazon Glow is a somewhat buggy blast

I’m annoyed that the magic black box on the table occasionally seems unable to track my hands. My three-year-old, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to mind at all. He’s laughing so hard he can