Amazon Fire Phone

In defense of the Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s Fire Phone Gets Another Drastic Price Cut: £99/$150 Off Contract In U.K.

Amazon continues to try to shift unsold inventory of its unpopular smartphone, the Fire Phone, by slashing the price-tag. It's currently discounting a U.K. version of the device that's on contract wit

Amazon Fire Phone Flops

Given that Amazon was tanking the price of the Fire Phone down to 99 cents <em>two months</em> after launch (leading to many a "Fire sale!" joke), this probably won't come as much of a surprise: the F

Amazon Fire Phone Up For Pre-Order In The U.K.

Amazon's first smartphone, the Fire Phone, is now available on pre-order in the U.K. on carrier O2. The phone will ship to U.K. buyers on September 30. It's being offered for no upfront cost for custo

Three Ways For Retailers To Survive The Amazon Fire Crusade

On July 25 Amazon began shipping its Fire phone, which includes Firefly, software that instantly recognizes products you can directly purchase on Amazon. Hot on the heels of this announcement was the

Amazon’s Bet On Exclusive Games To Make Its Fire Gadgets More Enticing

Amazon's Fire Phone is out today, and while it's got some interesting features that set it apart from your run-of-the-mill Android phone, it doesn't seem like it will appeal to those who aren't voraci

Amazon Fire Phone Goes On Sale Today At AT&T

Amazon revealed yesterday during earnings that while revenues are growing, so are losses. That's thanks at least in part to the development and production of the Amazon Fire Phone, which goes on sale

The Amazon Fire Phone Is A Shopper’s Delight But Not Much Else

For the better part of a decade, Amazon has been rolling out e-readers, tablets, and a box that you hook up to your TV while building up a library of content available on all of them. Now they're hopi

Hands On With The Amazon Fire Phone

Announced last month, the Amazon Fire Phone is the company's first attempt at mobile hardware. Like its cousins in the Kindle Fire line of tablets, it runs a fork of Android and gives you quick access

Amazon Quietly Launches Its Consumer-Facing Mobile Wallet App, Amazon Wallet

Amazon’s first attempt at its own mobile wallet application, designed for use at the point-of-sale, has made a quiet debut on the Amazon Appstore and on Google Play. However, the current impleme

Amazon’s Master Of Commerce Move Into The Phone Game

Mobile is so 2010. So why would Amazon throw its hat into the mobile phone fray? That’s the thing – they’re not. They are headed into battle in two other markets full of potential: real-world co

Gillmor Gang: Pulp Friction

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — talk FirePhone and its impact on digital transactions in the material world. For starters, it's not really a phone a

Amazon Courts Fire Phone Developers With $15,000 In “Amazon Coins”

When Microsoft needed to convince developers to build mobile apps for its Windows Phone 8 platform, it took a familiar path: it offered them money to do so. Amazon, however, is going a different route

Hands-On With The Amazon Fire Phone

After today's Fire Phone announcement, we got the chance to go hands-on with Amazon's first foray into smartphone hardware.

Here Is The Full Video Of Amazon’s Fire Phone Launch Event

As you probably know, Amazon launched its Fire Phone today. Sadly, the company didn't make a live stream available, so you had to make do with our live blog. But it really takes video to get a feel fo

With Firefly & Dynamic Perspective, Amazon Just Opened Up All New Categories For App Developers

With the introduction of the Firefly and Dynamic Perspective SDKs, mobile app developers who have grown tired of iterating on activities like messaging, photo-sharing, socializing and more now have ne

The Best Amazon Fire Phone Features You Won’t Get In Any Other Phone

Today, Amazon introduced the long-rumored <a href="">Fire Phone</a>. It has the killer 3D effects that everyone anticipated. But it al

Amazon’s Shopping Phone Comes With Free Prime Membership For A Year

Amazon has just announced its head-tracking, shopping-focused $199 smartphone, the Fire Phone. And for those who might be wavering about shelling out top dollar (it's $649 off contract) for a newbie s

Amazon’s Mayday Service On Fire Phone Means It Might Be Able To Sell Its Unique New Features

Amazon has brought Mayday to the Fire Phone, it announced today. The Mayday service offers one-tap access to customer service agents who can talk to phone users via video chat, and take over the scree

AT&T Will Sell Amazon’s Fire Phone For $199 On A 2 Year Contract

Given that Amazon's newly announced Fire Phone is largely one gigantic portal for Amazon to sell things (there's a dedicated hardware button just for recognizing products!), some folks were betting on
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