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Pinterest gets more TikTok-like with a ‘Watch’ tab for videos, announces $20M in creator rewards

Pinterest has been trying to reposition its business as a home to creators, not just a shopping inspiration site. Today, the company revealed its latest efforts on this front, which include more Snapc

Amazon is retiring CPM Ads, a display ad network for Amazon Associates, by the end of September

Amazon, by more than one account, wants to become a big competitor in advertising against the likes of Facebook and Google, but its approach to how it will do this is something of a moving target, wit

Amazon Associates To Pull Out Of North Carolina Due To "Unconstitutional Tax Collection Scheme"

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Amazon No Longer Allows Associates To Bring In Traffic Via Paid Search

<img src="" width="215" height="51" /><a href="">Amazon</a> has decided to make <a href="http://affiliate-