• Video Review: Aluratek USB To HDMI 720p Adapter

    Short version: The AUH100F is Aluratek’s new USB to HDMI adapter. If you don’t have a digital video out feature on your computer this is the perfect solution. Perfect for those of us that are tired of watching Hulu or Netflix on the small screen and want something bigger. Read More

  • As E-Book Wars Heat Up, Borders Drops Prices Of Kobo And Aluratek Devices

    As competition in the e-books device market heats up, Borders is cutting the prices of its leading eReading devices, the Kobo and Aluratek to $129 and $99.99 respectively. The Kobo was previously priced at $149.99 and the Aluratek was priced at $119.99. Borders is also announcing that Velocity Micro’s Android-based Cruz Reader R101 and Cruz Tablet T103 are now available for preorder… Read More

  • Quick Look: Aluratek eBook Reader Pro

    It’s no Kindle, but at $149 the Aluratek eBook Reader Pro is a pretty interesting device. It comes with a 2GB card and includes 100 public domain books including Wuthering Heights and The Bible. It works with PDFs, ePubs, and Mobi files along with standard text files. The whole thing works quite well and it’s a nice, small size, especially for an inexpensive e-reader. Read More

  • Review: Aluratek Internet Radio Tuner

    Quick take: A quality WiFi Internet radio tuner with a decent feature set. It’s too bad that the somewhat complicated setup will confuse some. Read More

  • Internet radio on a stick from Aluratek

    Most of you who read this site are savvy enough to figure out internet radio for yourselves but for the other 90% of the world, here’s Aluratek’s USB Internet Radio Jukebox. It’s pretty much how it sounds. You plug the USB stick into your computer and, boom, instant internet radio with over 13,000 stations to choose from. Read More

  • Aluratek announces secure RFID hard drives.

    Aluratek announced this week their Tornado plus line of external hard drives which feature RFID security key data encryption. Available in two different sizes, (2.5”/3.5”) the USB 2.0 drives come in capacities from 160GB to 1TB. By swiping the RFID key by the hard drive, data is encrypted and kept locked up until a second swipe releases it. It’s important to note that each… Read More

  • Review: Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock

    These Wi-Fi radios have come a long, long way. Case in point, I have an old Linksys WMLS-11B from almost five years ago that requires me to spin around in a circle two times, add a single drop of blood to exactly 6.3 ounces of room-temperature tap water, and paint the Toyota Camry logo on my chest backwards before I can get the thing to reliably stream music wirelessly. Fast forward to the… Read More