Peak Design’s Travel Tripod

The camera clip and bag company has made a portable, packable, easy-to-setup professional travel tri

Apple invests $10M in greenhouse gas-free aluminum smelting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard joined key execs from Apple and industrial manufacturers Alcoa and Rio Tinto to announce a new process for smelting aluminu

The iPhone 5 Gets A Bumper It Can Be Proud Of Via New Kickstarter Campaign

The iPhone 5 delivered a lot of new things vs. its predecessors, but it also marked Apple exit from the bumper game; unlike with the iPhone 4 and 4S, Apple didn't make a slim band exterior case for th

Nokia Said To Be Prepping An Aluminum-Clad Lumia For Release Later This Year

Nokia’s been awfully fond of slapping its high-end hardware into polycarbonate bodies, but that trend may soon come to an end if a new report from <a target="_blank" href="

Full Metal Case: Exovault billet

<img src="" />According to <a href=""></a>, a billet is "a small, usually rectangul

TMT wallets look strange, should show up on 24

<img src="" />Wallets are becoming more and more functional these days. We told you about the <a href="

Scientists do the impossible: create new alloy

<img src="" />Scientists in the U.S. and Sweden have created a substitutional alloy using aluminum, cerium, a little theoretical math,

Apple's "Brick" manufacturing process, applied to fine wine

Everything is better in unibody aluminum. If bikes hadn’t already proven this, then the new MacBooks did (ish), and if you still aren’t convinced, then feast your eyes on these little beau

Need new headphones? In-ear are all the craze lately

In the exciting world of headphones, in-ear buds are getting a lot of attention, which kind of bugs me since I find this style very uncomfortable and they have a tinny sound. Well, the fine folks at M

RhinoSkin Aluminum Laptop Hardcase

[youtube] Observe exhibit A, one long-ass video about an aluminum laptop case. Sure it’s adjustable so it can fit basically any laptop you can cram in