AOL’s new Alto mail client lets you take action from your inbox

The AOL Alto team is today delivering a new version of the product that may make some of your biggest email woes disappear. Enter the Alto Dashboard. With the latest version of AOL Alto, users can cho

Alto Mail Is AOL’s Modern Take On Email On Your Phone

Meet <a target="_blank" href="">Alto Mail</a>, a new mobile app to manage your emails on your phone. The app was created by AOL (TechCrunch's parent company) but supports Gmail, Ou

You’ve Got (Too Much) Mail: With Alto, AOL Tries A Fresh Approach To Combat Email Overload

The way we use email has changed dramatically in the past decade-plus — written down like that, it seems like an almost laughably obvious statement. But David Temkin, AOL's senior vice president of

Logitech's Alto Cordless Notebook Stand Announced

Logitech released today the latest addition to their line of Alto notebook stands. This one is, you know, cordless, and also comes with a keyboard and three USB ports for all your printer/monitor/iPod