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KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt

Radwa Rashad Contributor Radwa Rashad is an Egyptian writer and entrepreneur. More posts by this contributor KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt Ousta, Egypt’s ride hailing app, lan

Powur’s Jonathan Budd talks about the future of solar power

Jonathan Budd sees solar power as a money-making opportunity. His new company, Powur, essentially lets people add solar to their homes with no upfront costs. While there isn’t much technology in

Looking to leapfrog the power grid, d.light raises $22 million for solar in emerging markets

The development of mobile payment platforms, increasing options for providing debt, and cheaper and better off-grid solar power systems are presenting countries around the world with a chance to leapf

Woot! Battery-powered lawn mower for $350

<img src="" alt="neuton" />Today only, over at, you can get the Neuton CE 6 b

MIT students developing electric car that can be recharged in about ten minutes Students at MIT are building an electric car capable of being recharged in about ten minutes. Granted, the kind of power that’s ne

Neuton battery-powered lawn mowers actually seem affordable

<img src="" alt="neuton" />This battery-powered lawn mower almost makes me wish I still had a lawn to mow. Almost. Vermont-based Neuton

All-electric Jetski goes 50mph, is whisper quiet

It’s oddly wonderful to see a Jetski darting about in the water accompanied only by sporadic splashing sounds instead of the constant whine of a gasoline motor. The “Eco Watercraft”

Spira4u: Car made of foam goes fast, far, and floats

<img src="" />Instead of relying on superhuman strength via a panic-induced rush of adrenaline to be able to lift your car off the ground,

LG and GotWind's solar+wind "SkyCharger" at CES

<img src="">Although CES is generously provided with outlets for our charging needs, I decided that the power that comes out of them, like everything else

What happens to the Chevy Volt, other electric cars if Detroit isn't bailed out?

Let’s say that Congress refuses to give some of that bailout money to Detroit—does that effectively kill off electric cars like the Chevy Volt? That depends on who you’re talking to.

Kimberlina solar plant in California generates electricity like it's its job

Asura just opened the first-of-its-kind thermal energy plant in California, which should generate enough electricity to power some 3,500 homes. The best part is that this plant, which is named Kimberl

Solar-powered Chinese car travels 93 miles per 30-hour charge

China’s 001 Group, based in Zhejiang province, has produced a solar-powered car that costs some $5,500—more than reasonable for any car, let alone one that’s partially fueld by our o

Electric Delorean on eBay, possible Flux Capacitor too

So you could bid on this converted-to-electric Delorean like everyone else or you could use the Buy-It-Now option, which will get you – wait for it – a free Flux Capacitor. The current bidding is

Eco Media Player Revolution hand-cranked MP3 player

Sick of batteries and the burden that batteries carry? Me too, man. Me too. Here’s a hand-cranked MP3 player called the Eco Media Player Revolution. It’s the successor to the original hand-cranked

Biodiesel's big break: Processors making their way into normal retail stores

Biodiesel is about to make the move from weirdo hobby to mainstream normality. Go Green Home Stores is working on bringing biodiesel brewers to its stores, making it so that folks don’t have to

New method enhances efficiency in ethanol production

Professor Michikazu Hara, a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, has created an inexpensive substance, which can boost the efficiency of ethanol production. Reportedly, the costs of produci

Ikea getting into cheap solar panels

Everybody’s favorite gigantic furniture store filled with flat-packed boxes is getting into solar panels. Cheap ones, too. Ikea is apparently getting ready to pump $75 million into "as many as

CrunchDeals: 60-watt solar charging kit for $279.99

Hey, this deal is only good until 1:00 PM Eastern today, so hop on it if you’re interested. It’s the Sunforce 5004 60 Watt Solar Charging Kit, sold by Amazon. The kit includes a PVC mounting frame

Ten alternative hybrid car engine noises

Working off of the post from earlier today concerning Lotus adding artificial engine noise to hybrid cars in the name of safety, we thought we might see how a few alternatives might work instead of th

Hybrid Vehicles: It’s quiet out there, a little too quiet

We’ve all heard the whispers and murmurs regarding adding artificial noise to hybrid cars so that pedestrians don’t get hit and it appears that we’re heading in that direction for real. Lotus is
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