• Alpine Ships A New 7″ CarPlay-Capable Deck, But It’ll Cost You $800

    Alpine Ships A New 7″ CarPlay-Capable Deck, But It’ll Cost You $800

    Alpine has a new way to get Apple’s CarPlay in your vehicle of choice: The iLX-007. The new aftermarket entertainment deck supports Apple’s in-car software solution, which translates some of the functions of your iPhone into a format more palatable for use on the road, including Maps, Phone, Message, Music and CarPlay-enabled apps like the recently-updated Rdio. CarPlay is… Read More

  • Alpine’s Slick New Headphones Make You Feel Your Beats

    Alpine’s Slick New Headphones Make You Feel Your Beats

    I’ve spent the better part of today playing with the new Alpine Headphones, a $299 pair of cans that promise to make you feel your music with the company’s “Full Frequency Immersion” technology. An Alpine spokesperson told me that the product is “targeted to millennials,” which I assume means that they’re designed to give the “oh my god my… Read More

  • CarPlay Is Coming To The Third-Party Stereo Market

    CarPlay Is Coming To The Third-Party Stereo Market

    iPhone fans will not have to buy a new car to get in on the CarPlay fun if a report from a Japanese business newspaper is correct. Alpine is reportedly planning on releasing an aftermarket stereo sporting CarPlay this Fall. Read More

  • Alpine's new GPS models sound nice, probably expensive

    The new PND-K3 and its MSN-lovering cousin the PND-K3msn look like nice little gadgets, although I kind of like the basic, streaming GPS I get on my Helio. I have to say, though, a 4.3-inch touchscreen would be nice, and having Bluetooth for your phone built-in makes it a kind of double whammy. It’s hard to say much about it other than that it looks capable, but at CES I’ll have it… Read More

  • Alpine's $1,000 Do-All: Now Shipping

    Alpine aims to do to your dashboard what others have done for your living room. With its new IVA-W205 car deck, you can build a customized super-elaborate car stereo that does everything you could possibly want. Everything’s centered around a 6.5-inch QVGA touchscreen with tactile feedback, meaning when you touch the screen to make a selection, it moves to let you know that you’ve… Read More

  • Alpine's iDA-x001 iPod Deck Available Early!

    Just thought you’d like to know, I just got a note from Alpine saying that as of today, the iDA-x001 mega-iPod friendly car stereo is available at all Alpine-aothorized retailers. That means you can get your hoopty over to Best Buy and get the closest thing to iTunes in your car as is possible right now. Some retailers, Alpine couldn’t list who, are offering free installation and… Read More

  • Alpine's Monster iPod Car Deck Hits the Road

    I have an iPod-compatible Alpine deck in my Kia, and I couldn’t live without it. That being said, I’m seriously considering trading up to the iDA-X001, Alpine’s latest offering, and the first deck by Alpine or anyone else designed with input from Apple’s iPod team. Not only can the deck connect to your iPod via its dock port, but it can control it as well. Information… Read More

  • GPS – Heads Up 3D and Marking the Spot

    In January, Denso received a smart patent on displaying GPS and navigation information on a heads up display while Alpine Electronics received a patent on marking a favorite spot using a GPS system. Denso Corporation of Japan, primarily an automobile parts manufacturer, has developed and patented a three dimensional heads up display for a car that uses sensors to detect when certain… Read More