Alpine’s new CarPlay receiver lets you put a big touchscreen in a single DIN slot

Aftermarket touchscreens for your car aren’t new by any means, but this one is pretty clever. It lets you put a touchscreen in cars where one otherwise wouldn’t fit. Alpine’s new head unit float

Alpine Ships A New 7″ CarPlay-Capable Deck, But It’ll Cost You $800

Alpine has a new way to get Apple’s CarPlay in your vehicle of choice: The iLX-007. The new aftermarket entertainment deck supports Apple’s in-car software solution, which translates some

Alpine’s Slick New Headphones Make You Feel Your Beats

I've spent the better part of today playing with the new Alpine Headphones, a $299 pair of cans that promise to make you feel your music with the company's "Full Frequency Immersion" technology. An

CarPlay Is Coming To The Third-Party Stereo Market

iPhone fans will not have to buy a new car to get in on the <a href="">CarPlay </

Alpine's new GPS models sound nice, probably expensive

The new PND-K3 and its MSN-lovering cousin the PND-K3msn look like nice little gadgets, although I kind of like the basic, streaming GPS I get on my Helio. I have to say, though, a 4.3-inch touchscree

Alpine's $1,000 Do-All: Now Shipping

Alpine aims to do to your dashboard what others have done for your living room. With its new IVA-W205 car deck, you can build a customized super-elaborate car stereo that does everything you could pos

Alpine's iDA-x001 iPod Deck Available Early!

Just thought you’d like to know, I just got a note from Alpine saying that as of today, the iDA-x001 mega-iPod friendly car stereo is available at all Alpine-aothorized retailers. That means you

Alpine's Monster iPod Car Deck Hits the Road

I have an iPod-compatible Alpine deck in my Kia, and I couldn’t live without it. That being said, I’m seriously considering trading up to the iDA-X001, Alpine’s latest offering, and

GPS – Heads Up 3D and Marking the Spot

In January, Denso received a smart patent on displaying GPS and navigation information on a heads up display while Alpine Electronics received a patent on marking a favorite spot using a GPS system. D