Review: LG Glimmer from Alltel

[photopress:scaled.IMG_1699.JPG,full,pp_image] As promised we’ve given the LG Glimmer a good drubbing and came back satisfied that almost everyone would enjoy this sexy haptic slider from LG. Wi

LG Glimmer available on Alltel tomorrow

Hey, guess what’s coming to Alltel tomorrow? If you read the headline of this post and guessed “the LG Glimmer,” you are correct. The Glimmer features a slide-out keypad and a touchs

AllTell to offer Voice2TXT transcription service

Visual voicemail, visual shmoisemail. Alltell wireless just launched Voice2TXT using SpinVox to transcribe users’ voicemail messages to text, ensuring that a simple message (“Pick me up at

Alltel Taken Over, Goes Private, Feeling Fine, A Little Dizzy

It’s not MyFaves, but it’s close, right? Not huge news, but good enough for a Monday morning. A band of equity investors have essentially “taken over” Alltell, paying $71.50 a

AllTell Launches JumpMusic to Transfer Music to Phones

Jump Music is a piece of software designed by super-ninja design house frog design for AllTell phones. It’s essentially an iTunes alike and speeds up the transfer of music from your desktop to y

Alltel Gets The Palm Treo 700p

Yesterday, Alltel announced it would be carrying the Treo 700p beginning this week. However, Alltel is going one step further by customizing its version of the Treo by making all software and hardware