• linked to Russian cybercrime outfit

      When got shut down in July, it took little time for its replacement to fill the void. Well, MP3sparks has recently been blocked from many major ISPs in the United Kingdom thanks to its alleged links to the Russian Business Network, “a notorious group known for pumping the internet with child pornography and denial of service attacks” according to… Read More

  • ZML is for movies

    Say hello to the source of the MPAA’s next ulcer. It’s, a site with similar ultra-simplicity and low, low pricing to former heavyweight music champ The site offers movies in varying levels of quality, with the lower resolution movies starting at $1.99 and the highest resolution movies (DVD-quality) topping out at $4.99. If it sounds too good to be true, it… Read More

  • Former Owner Faces Jail Time

    From a consumer standpoint, was pretty close to the perfect music service — dirt cheap, easy to use, and the choice of how you wanted your music encoded. Oh, and no DRM. But mix in the RIAA, the WTO, and a couple major world governments, and you’ve got a recipe that ends up hurting consumers and potentially landing a man in jail. Read More

  • Is No More

    Collapsing under pressure from the US and the possibility of scraping any chance that Russia has to join the WTO, music download site has closed up shop. Customers were greeted with your typical “site is down for maintenance” message, but a former employee has spilled the beans and confirmed its closure. The ‘nail in the coffin’ came from Visa and… Read More