• Blizzard may soon let you change from Alliance to Horde, vice-versa

    There’s currently a 144-page thread on the official World of Warcraft message board discussing this latest earth-shattering news: you’ll soon be able to take your Horde character and transform him to the closet Alliance equivalent, and vice-versa. So, for example, taking your Orc Warrior and changing him into a Human Warrior. And then cats and dogs will break bread with each other. Read More

  • VoIP On The Rise: 100 WiFi Phones Certified

    Seems that VoIP is gaining more and more popularity as every new month approaches. The WiFi Alliance has certified 82-dual mode and 10-WiFi-only handsets that are ideal for VoIP use. The group checks phones for interoperability and performance, as well as interference, to make sure they’re up to standards. The Alliance is now out to promote WMM (Wireless Multimedia) and extending… Read More