Yak4Ever Takes Second (and Final) Dip into Deadpool

Well, that was fun while it lasted – for consumers at least. Yak4Ever has sunk back into the TechCrunch Deadpool after reemerging from it in May. This time it looks as though it’s there to

AllFreeCalls Back From DeadPool, Free Calls Are Here Again

When AllFreeCalls shut down in February as a result of litigation, most people thought it was gone for good. The service, which allows people to call overseas for free by exploiting a regulatory looph

AllFreeCalls Shut Down

AllFreeCalls has been taken offline after a flurry of legal action by a very pissed off AT&T. The AllFreeCalls service allows people to make international phone calls absolutely free by exploiting

AllFreeCalls (un)Surprisingly Successful

AllFreeCalls, a new service which lets people make free phone calls by first calling a phone number in Iowa and then calling to any of dozens of other countries, just added eight new countries to the

Complicated Laws = Free Calls

I’m still trying to figure out how this works, and by the time I do the service may be gone. Regardless, Iowa based AllFreeCalls is letting people make phone calls to many foreign countries for