All Writs Act

Another US court says police cannot force suspects to turn over their passwords

The highest court in Pennsylvania has ruled that the state’s law enforcement cannot force suspects to turn over their passwords that would unlock their devices. The state’s Supreme Court s

New book looks inside Apple’s legal fight with the FBI

A new biography of Apple chief executive Tim Cook out this month describes the moment — and the deliberations — after the FBI issued an unprecedented legal order demanding Apple undermine the secu

Apple tells NY judge FBI has ‘utterly failed’ to prove it needs help unlocking iPhones

Apple has strong words for the Justice Department. The simple fact that the feds unlocked a phone without any help shows that they didn't need it in the first place, Apple asserts: "The government ha

Apple vs FBI: Read Apple’s Opening Statement To Congress Tomorrow

Apple's general counsel Bruce Sewell will testify before a congressional Judiciary Committee tomorrow. The hearing has been convened to discuss what is being described as "The Encryption Tightrope" --

Why Apple Is Right To Reject The FBI’s Push To Brute Force iPhone Security

Apple is under pressure from the FBI to backdoor iPhone security. But how will any technology company be able to offer trusted services to consumers if government-mandated backdoors are being forced u