Alibaba Cloud will invest $28 billion more into its infrastructure over the next three years

Alibaba Cloud announced today that it will invest another RMB 200 billion (or about $28 billion) into its infrastructure over the next three years, prompted in part by increased demand for services li

AWS wants a bigger share of Asia following Hong Kong launch

Amazon’s cloud computing unit is making further inroads into Asia after it opened a data center in Hong Kong this week, adding to the seven existing locations where it currently operates across

Ambitious Alibaba takes aim at the kings of cloud computing

When you think of the biggest cloud players in the world, one company you might not consider is Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant that held a record $25 billion U.S. IPO in 2014. Alibaba entered

Alibaba gives its fast-growing cloud computing business another global push

Alibaba continues to put its chips into the cloud after it announced the opening of four new data centers across the world. A new facility in the Middle East (Dubai) went online today, while further l

Jack Ma says Alibaba wants to more than double its GMV to one trillion dollars by 2020

Alibaba Group’s goal is to become the equivalent of the world’s fifth richest country in four years. Founder and chairman Jack Ma laid out the company’s ambitions during its first Investor Day,

Alibaba’s Cloud Unit Opens Its Second U.S. Data Center

AliCloud, the cloud computing business of Alibaba Group, said today that it has opened its second data center in the U.S. Like its first stateside data center, the new one is in Silicon Valley, but Al

Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Group Says Its New Artificial Intelligence Platform Is China’s First

Aliyun, the cloud computing unit of Alibaba Group, is launching an artificial intelligence service that it claims is the first in China. Called DT PAI, the platform combines algorithms used by Alibaba

Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Business Will Open Its International Headquarters In Singapore

Aliyun, the cloud computing unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is taking another major step toward international expansion with the opening of a data center in Singapore. Aliyun received a $1 b

Alibaba Plows $1B Into Aliyun, Its Cloud Computing Unit

Alibaba Group announced today that it will invest a further $1 billion into Aliyun, its cloud computing unit. The capital will be used to expand Aliyun, which currently has data centers in China, Hong

Aliyun, Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Unit, Takes Its First Steps Into The Middle East

Aliyun, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba, announced today that it has signed a joint-venture agreement with Dubai-based holding company Meraas to bring it services to companies and government organi

Aliyun, An Alibaba Unit, Is Building China’s First “Cloud Hospital”

Alibaba’s power doesn’t just stem from being the largest player in the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market. The company also sits on hoards of data, gathered from its shopping sites, as we

Alibaba Is Expanding Its Cloud Services To The U.S. To Give Amazon New Competition

Alibaba, the Chinese commerce firm which held the largest IPO in history last year, is bringing its cloud computing services to the U.S. after announcing a data center in Silicon Valley.

Alibaba’s Cloud-Computing Unit To Open First Hong Kong Data Center

Alibaba Group’s cloud computing unit, called Aliyun (or AliCloud), said today that its first data center in Hong Kong will launch on May 12. This is significant because it marks Aliyun’s 

Amazon Raises Its Game Against Alibaba, Will Expand AWS Cloud Services To China In 2014

Another step ahead for <a target="_blank" href="">Amazon</a> in its bid to become the world's biggest cloud computing platform for businesses, and to specifically take aim at a bi

Chinese Ministry Critical Of Android’s Dominance — But How Much Power Does Google Really Have In China?

China's technology Ministry has criticised the dominance of Google's Android platform, according to Reuters. "Our country's mobile operating system research and development is too dependent on Android

Chinese Ecommerce Giant Alibaba Spins Off Aliyun Mobile OS Team, Puts $200M In Their Pockets

Chinese web and eCommerce giant Alibaba plans to spin off the team developing its first mobile OS -- Aliyun -- Reuters is reporting, you know, the OS Google claims is an inappropriate fork of Android.

Alibaba VP In Response To Google Smackdown: ‘Will Someone Please Ask Google To Define Android?’

While Marissa Mayer is busy trying to figure out what <a target="_blank" href="