Yandex’s sale of media assets to VK includes homepage

Russian search giant Yandex has finalized the sale of its two flagship media properties to local rival VK, owner of the eponymous social network. The deal to sell the products, Yandex’s algorith

Yandex shifts focus to as it heads for media exit in Russia

TechCrunch has learned that Russia search giant Yandex is to switch from using as its main front page for Russian-speaking users to — a less trafficked domain it’s owned si

Construction design platform Alice Technologies bags fresh capital to expand

Alice Technologies, a startup developing software to help construction companies plan projects including bridges, tunnels, high-speed rail systems and mixed-use towers, today announced it raised $30 m

Double emerges from stealth with $6M to pair CEOs with remote assistants

CEOs often rely on executive assistants to handle the less glamorous logistics of their day so they can focus on managing a company, but hiring a full-time assistant isn’t always easy to justify

Russia’s Yandex introduces an Echo Dot-style smart speaker

In May of last year, Yandex launched the Yandex.Station. The $160 smart speaker was a clear logical step for the so-called “Google of Russia.” This week, the company is back with the next-next log

Another AI chatbot shown spouting offensive views

Yandex, Russia's homegrown Google rival -- which offers a suite of similar products in its target non-U.S. markets, from search to webmail to maps -- outed another equivalent offering earlier this mo

Yandex introduces Alice, an Alexa-like assistant that speaks Russian

Yandex is virtually unknown here in the States, but it’s become something approaching a Russian Google (and Amazon and Uber) in the 20 years since its founding. The company controls around 65-pe

Expedia leads $26 million round in hospitality startup ALICE

Before Uber poached Dara Khosrowshahi to serve as its CEO, he facilitated a $26 million series B round in hotel startup ALICE as CEO of Expedia. The idea with ALICE is to bring technology to the outda

SVRF may have the answer to VR’s search problem

For websites we had Google. For videos, YouTube. For products, Amazon. For general reference, Wikipedia. For gifs, Giphy. How will we find what we're looking for in a brave, new, 3D world? In an inter

First look at the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland videogame

It’s not much is it? It’s hard to say if the videogame will be any good considering the fact that it will only be available on the Wii, DS and PC. I’m still waiting for updates on Am

In case you hadn't heard: EA and Spicy Horse announced a sequel to American McGee's Alice

<img src="" alt="" />This news is a few days old if you were following D.I.C.E. last week, but in the off chance you hadn’t heard I thou