• This startup wants to modernize the hotel industry

    This startup wants to modernize the hotel industry

    Calling for room service is kind of annoying, though it’s one of the most first world-type of problems one could have. But that’s just to say the hotel industry is behind, technologically speaking. Startup AavGo is trying to fix that by bringing iPads into hotels to enable hotel staff to communicate among themselves, as well as enable hotel guests to easily communicate with… Read More

  • E-Commerce Site For Household Goods Raises $3.6 Million

    E-Commerce Site For Household Goods Raises $3.6 Million, the retail platform for household goods, has raised $3.6 million in funding from an undisclosed group of Spanish investors. This current round brings the total funding amount raised by to $18.2 million. Launched in June,’s retail platform allows consumer packaged goods manufacturers, like Procter & Gamble, to sell directly to consumers instead of… Read More

  • Wisconsin: Land of Beer, Cheese, and…Startups

    Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Steve Faulkner. He is the CEO of the GeoHuddle, a Madison, Wisconsin based startup developing community geothermal heating and cooling systems. You can follow him on twitter @southpolesteve. Most people associate Wisconsin with cheese and beer, but you should think about adding startups to that list. Led by a tidal wave of mostly… Read More

  • Launches – "No Lines. No Heavy Bags. No Driving.", and other online retailers of everyday essentials, a new challenger with a short, pretty dotcom name just hit the Web. The founders of this morning formally launched, a new ecommerce site that enables people to buy household necessities, skin and hair care products and whatnot at competitive prices. We reported that the site was due for launch… Read More

  • Launches iPhone App To Shop For Household Goods On The Go

    We’re big fans of, the retail platform for household goods, because it simple to use and offers significant discounts on everything from toilet paper to toothpaste. Today, is becoming even more compelling with the launch of a free iPhone app. You can download it here customers can shop from the app, and use their mobile device to make ongoing lists of… Read More

  • Sweeps In $6 Million For Household Goods E-Commerce Platform, the retail platform for household goods, has closed a $6 million Series B round of funding from private investors, bringing the startup’s total funding up to over $10 million. We previously scooped the startup’s $4 million infusion (which was part of this round) in September. raised $4.3 million in Series A funding from Kengonsa Capital Partners and… Read More

  • Raises $4 Million For Household Goods Shopping Platform, the retail platform for household goods, has raised $4 million in a Series B round according to an SEC filing. According to the filing, the company is trying to raise an additional $2 million in this round. The startup had previously raised $4.3 million in Series A funding from Kengonsa Capital Partners and DaneVest Capital in November of 2008. Launched in June, is an… Read More

  • Is Your Housekeeper And Personal Shopper Rolled Into One

    Ever run out of toilet paper or trashbags at an inopportune moment and think to yourself, I wish I had someone to remind me when I need to buy household basics? Tonight at 9 pm, will show you a better way to buy household essentials online that will not only remind you when you need more toilet paper but will save you time, and most importantly, money. The basic idea behind… Read More

  • The Jellyfish Guys Are At It Again, Raise $4.3 Million For Online Retail Service

    As serial a serial entrepreneur can get: Brian Wiegand and Mark McGuire, who managed to sell three companies in the past +10 years, most recently flipping social shopping service Jellyfish to Microsoft (which it later used to create Live Search Cashback), have raised $4.3 million for their new startup, The round was led jointly by private equity angel funds Kegonsa Capital Partners… Read More