• Algae Biofuels Maker Solazyme Goes Public, Finally, Raking In $197.6 Million

    Shares in Solazyme, the makers of algae biofuels and algae-based oils and chemicals used in health and beauty products, began trading on Nasdaq under the symbol SZYM.O on Friday. The business set an initial public offering price at $18, but its stock opened at $20 and traded between $19.60 and $22.00 throughout the day, with 10.98 million shares sold, raising about $197.6 million for the… Read More

  • Solazyme Provides U.S. Navy with Algal Jet Fuel

    Biofuel producer Solazyme delivered 1,500 gallons of its algae-based jet fuel to the U.S. Navy’s testing and certification program today, helping the military reach its goal of switching half of its fleet to clean fuel by 2020. The Navy will use the fuel to power jets. Solazyme produces fuel by fermenting algae to create oils and biomaterials including fuel, skin care, chemical and … Read More