• Sobees Latest Horse To Enter The Twitter / Facebook Desktop Client Race

    For a while now, we’ve been tracking a number of companies who are hard at work trying to build the ultimate social networking desktop app. We’ve talked about TweetDeck, Twhirl / Seesmic Desktop, AlertThingy, and there are many more especially if you also include the ones that focus only on Twitter (Tweetie, Nambu, Twitterific, etc.). Another horse in this race that barely gets… Read More

  • Notification Aggregator AlertThingy Rips A Page Out of TweetDeck's Book

    The battle between desktop notification tools continues. AlertThingy, one such tool with a knack for aggregating a handful of social networks, has released a third version that takes direct aim at competitor TweetDeck. Just this past month we heralded TweetDeck as an innovator in the space for splitting notifications up into their own columns. While TweetDeck retrieves notifications only… Read More

  • AlertThingy Gets An Upgrade, Kills FriendFeed Support (But Not Really)

    We’ve covered AIR application AlertThingy quite a bit in the past, being one of the most elegant tools available to keep on top of all your social networking accounts from your desktop. Most recently, we announced AlertThingy v2 was going to add support for Digg, Facebook, Jaiku, Pownce and Tumblr besides Twitter, Flickr and lifestreaming service FriendFeed. The release was delayed a… Read More