Alcatel’s $100 Android Go phone hits the U.S. next week

At MWC, ZTE promised that its Tempo Go would be the first device to bring Android Oreo (Go Edition) to the States. But, well, stuff happened, and the company’s had a lot bigger things to deal with i

KaiOS, a feature phone platform built on the ashes of Firefox OS, adds Facebook, Twitter and Google apps

Mozilla called it a day with Firefox OS for mobile handsets back in 2015 and said it would test the waters for an IoT effort using some of the same technology (and it has). But that hasn’t spel

The back of Alcatel’s ridiculous new phone lights up to display notifications

You know what people like? Lights. Brightly colored, flashing lights. Lights for notifications and lights for fun. Lights for all occasion. So, so many shiny lights. Lights like the lights on the back

Alcatel’s new Windows phone is a T-Mobile exclusive

Alcatel’s new Windows phone is coming exclusively to T-Mobile on November 10 here in the States, priced at $470. And the company’s cramming the package full of free stuff, including a pair of VR g

Blackberry bows out of making its own hardware

Former smartphone giant Blackberry has said it will no longer manufacture its own devices. Instead it intends to outsource hardware making to development partners, although the core focus of its busin

An entry-level VR headset that doesn’t need a phone

If you’re going to do yet another VR headset, the least you can do is bring something new to table. For Alcatel, that means an all-in-on solution, doing away with the need for a tethered computer or

Orange Ramps Up Own-Brand Range With 3 More Android Handsets, And Its First LTE Device, Has Sights On Windows Phone

Perhaps aware of the tsunami of news that will hit during <a target="_blank" href="">Mobile World Congress</a>, we are seeing an increasing amount of news releases c

Alcatel E66 Man-Handled By Charming Greek Lady

A Greek website, DigitalLife, has posted a long hands-on with the Alcatel E66, an Android tablet running at 800×460 resolution with a seven-inch screen. Nothing absolutely amazing, but I do love

Alcatel Unveils Cellphone On The Cheap

Not every consumer is looking for the latest, greatest iphone out there. That’s why when carriers still give people basic options as far as hardware-selection goes, it’s always a win. I me

Patent Monkey: Details on Alcatel's $1.5 B Win Against Microsoft

Here’s some added detail on the biggest patent litigation settlement in history: Microsoft ordered to pay Alcatel $1.5 B based on its Windows Media Player infringing the French telecoms’ M