Albumatic Becomes, Aims To Build Hit Apps For Kik And Other Messengers

Photo-sharing startup Albumatic is announcing a new direction today, and a new name to match — it's now calling itself <a target="_blank" href=""></a>. Back in August, when

Fly Or Die: Albumatic

In a land where entrepreneurs are struggling desperately to integrate location into the worldwide photo-sharing phenomenon, <a href="">Albumatic</a>

Albumatic Photo Sharing App Is Raising $4.5 Million, Says SEC Filing

<a target="_blank" href="">Albumatic</a>, the latest venture photo-sharing from Devon Gundry and Vine investor Adam Ludwin, is raising a $4.5 million round

Led By Vine Investor Adam Ludwin, Albumatic Launches A Collaborative Photo Album App That People Might Actually Use

One of the startup ideas that I've been hearing about for years is the social photo album — a service that doesn't just let you share photos with your friends, but also create albums with them. Adam