• Honda creates warning system for cars entering "crime hotspots" (this won't end well)

    I picture myself driving my Honda through the Central District of Seattle on my way to work. It’s a nice day, my windows are down. I stop at a red light. As people cross in front of me, my robo-car chirps "Caution! This area is dangerous!" to me and those around me, then loudly locks the doors. Trouble, people. T-R-O-U-B-L-E. It will, of course, only be available in Japan for… Read More

  • Clocky The Rolling Alarm Clock Throws Tantrums To Get What It Wants

    As if all the screaming kids at every store with some sort of retail product this holiday season weren’t enough, Clocky the rolling alarm clock (wasn’t that the name of a Capt. Beefheart album?) gives you one chance… ONE CHANCE… to get out of bed. Fail, and it literally zips across the room to some Cheney-esque undisclosed location and squeals until you get up and find it. Read More

  • Wake Over Time

    I, for one, am terrible at waking myself up in the morning. I know, I know, you’re probably saying, “Well get an alarm clock, Alex!” Well it’s not that simple. I do have one, but it’s rendered mute with a swift backhand every morning it’s supposed to blare. However, I think I’ve found the alarm clock that suits me. Hammacher Schlemmer has been retailing… Read More