• Crunch Report | Waymo Wants $2.6B for Trade Secret

    Nest releases a new alarm system, the Nest Secure, SpaceX files trademark for name of internet service and Waymo wants $2.6 billion for allegedly stolen trade secret. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Dooze is an alarm clock with consequences

    I’m not a morning person and the snooze button on my alarm clock regularly gets a workout. If you suffer from the same issue (and own an Amazon Echo or similar Alex-enabled device), then maybe Dooze is for you. Jade Feng, Junshu Okamoto and Muhammed Gü built the project during our Disrupt SF Hackathon this weekend. It gives you a strong incentive to avoid your snooze button because… Read More

  • Waking up with Pavlok’s wrist-shocking wearable alarm clock

    Waking up with Pavlok’s wrist-shocking wearable alarm clock

    I can’t help but think about shock collars when I wrap the bright orange silicone around my wrist. They’ve always seemed fairly cruel. And yet, here I go, putting one on myself — not for barking or wandering out of the yard, but for the crime of having a hard time getting my butt out of bed at 6AM. And while I certainly have more agency in the matter, the comparison… Read More

  • New Android Alarm Clock App Warmly Wants To Wake You Up Right

    New Android Alarm Clock App Warmly Wants To Wake You Up Right

    Generally we seem content to be rudely shocked out of sleep, with alarms that blare at us and beep violently, rendering continued sleep impossible. New Android app Warmly, from the Seattle-based Chaos Collective, thinks it might be better if an app wakes you up with gradually mounting sounds that not only aren’t alien and frightening, but are actually comforting and familiar. Read More

  • Hands On With Seiko's New Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch

    One of Seiko’s new “nicer” mainstream watches for 2011 is this really attractive Sportura Alarm Chronograph watches. The Sportura range has always captured my attention pleasantly – for offering attractive designs, logical functions, easy to read dials, as well as competitive pricing. This model is really a treat, coming in a few versions that borrow design cues from… Read More

  • Breguet Marine Royale Musical Alarm Watch Hands-On

    While pretty awesome to behold (especially in size) and pretty in design, the Breguet Marine Royale Ref. 5847 watch for 2010 is an ergonomic mistake. It looks cool on the wrist – making you feel like some sort of well-to-do space pirate captain, but the legibility and use of the watch are pretty whacked. I’ve never much bought into the whole Breguet Marine line. Is it supposed to be… Read More

  • Nap Vieeb Plus II: Wearable doze prevention device

    Are you constantly in danger of falling asleep while working or driving? Alarm clocks, watches or your cell phone are of no help? Then the oddly named Nap Vieeb Plus II [JP], offered by a Japanese company called Takanoha, might be the right thing for you. The Nap Vieeb Plus II is a simple earpiece alarm gadget whose first version was released about four years ago. Read More

  • Sony’s new clock radio shines (on the wall)

    Sony announced a new clock radio today, the enticing named ICF-C717PJ, the latest in a long line of consumer electronics. The ICF-C717PJ has a few tricks up it’s proverbial sleeve however, including a thermometer and the ability to project the time on the wall or ceiling. Read More

  • RetroCrunch: The Bloc-Alarm door stop

    Going to try something a bit different today, and talk about some retro technology. Here’s a rather simple gadget called a Bloc-Alarm. Intended for the cheapskate who doesn’t want to actually pay for an alarm service, or for someone that is staying in a hotel, the Bloc-Alarm is basically a wedge shaped door block that triggers if someone tries to open a door. Read More

  • Hello, Moshi: a voice controlled alarm clock

    I’ve been wondering how long it’ll be before we start talking to all our appliances and gadgets, just like the gang on Star Trek talks to their computers. Typing, pressing buttons, waving wands around in the air: it’s all so inefficient! We should be able to simply speak to our gadgets to have them do our bidding. Today we’re one step closer to that golden Utopia… Read More

  • Oregon Scientific Weather In Motion

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up every morning to both the weather and the time? If you don’t want to take the extra five seconds to open up SimpleWeather each morning, then make things easier on yourself by picking up Weather In Motion from Oregon Scientific. Aside from having a clock set to Atomic Time, you’ll be able to get your indoor and outdoor temperatures… Read More

  • KidSmart Vocal Smoke Alarm

    Because a study said that 19 out of 20 kids under the age of 16 can sleep through a fire alarm at 120 decibels – yeah right, my kids wake up if I even breathe too loudly – KidSmart came up with an innovative smoke alarm that promises to wake at least a few of those 19 kids up if there’s a fire. Instead of a shrill beep, the alarm records a parent’s voice and plays it… Read More