alan moore

  • Video: Watchmen trailer

    [ Looks like everything from the original graphic novel will stay intact for the movie adaption. This is going to be legendary. Too bad we’ll have to wait until 09, but that’s OK. Plenty of nerdtastic comic book/graphic novel related movies coming out this year to hold us over. via Giz via io9 Read More

  • Free Alan Moore Swamp Thing PDF: One more thing to allow you to distance yourself from your family

    DC Comics is offering issue 21 of the Swamp Thing (BB says it’s issue #1 but some comic nerds are correcting them) as a free download. Be warned: it’s taking quite a while to download but if you start now you might have a good 4:30 pre-end-of-day gem to digest. Free download: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Issue #1 [BB] Read More