• Review: AKG K840 And K830 Wireless Headphones

    Short version: These headphones are expensive, but they’re also light, compact, and sound great. Pro tip: opt for the Kleer version, as it adds both range and fidelity for a pretty reasonable increase in price. Read More

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones: Denon, Able Planet, & AKG Models Compared

    Noise canceling headphones are a must. A must, I say. There is no way I’m riding in a disease-riddled airliner and listening to the guy behind me hack up tuberculosis. Hells no. I sit down, don some noise canceling headphones and pray the Almighty makes it painless. Any of the following three headphones feature noise cancellation that’s more than adequate but each one fails in… Read More

  • Review: AKG K 340 in-canal headphones

    Mid- and high-end headphones are everywhere these days. AKG, previously known for recording and broadcast equipment, just added to the bunch by outing a slew of headphones, including these totally acceptable $119 K 340 in-canal buds. I’ve spent some good listening time with them, and I have to say that they are solid performers once you get over the somewhat awkward design. Read More

  • AKG K 701 Hands On: Sickest Headphones Ever

    Audiophile purists still harbor skepticism about headphones, despite the existence of some pretty amazing sets of cans. The AKG K 701 will convince nearly anyone that high-end headphones have truly arrived in terms of sound quality and transparency. Then there’s the luxurious comfort and nice included extras — not to mention a competitive price ($450) for this type of headphone. Read More