• I Saw The Future Of Social Networking The Other Day

    Anyone who’s been reading this blog for more than a few months knows I’m bullish on mobile social networking. The space is wide open at this point – no one has created an application that has gotten enough traction to go mainstream. That’s partly because of tech limitations – browser based networks don’t leverage the power of the mobile device, and client… Read More

  • LimeJuice's Mobile Social Network: It's Easy, And So People May Use It

    Stealth startup Hyphen-8 has been beta testing their new mobile social network called Lime Juice in San Francisco since October. Using your phone to create or enhance real world interactions is a killer application, but no one has cracked the nut yet. The reason is that the network is useless until it achieves a critical mass of users who are online and using the application via their… Read More

  • The Holy Grail For Mobile Social Networks

    We’ve been tracking emerging mobile-only social networks such as ZYB and Mocospace and Mig33. All have unique selling points (Mocospace is dead simple to use, ZYB has a rich set of potential users from their address book backup service, and Mig33 has a VOIP tool that has attracted over seven million users), but there’s one solid gold feature that none yet have: physical… Read More

  • Plastic Dating Cards? This Clearly Isn't Going To Work

    Any time you try to bridge the real world and the Internet, it’s going to be tough work. When you mix in a questionable business idea and a really poorly designed site, you’re probably heading for the Deadpool. Enter UK based First Move, which just emailed us. It’s a dating site where you create a private profile. You then buy black or hot pink credit-card type cards that… Read More

  • Aka Aki: Mobile Social Networking "Auf die straße"

    Mobile devices remain social networking’s final frontier. There have been a few mobile applications coming out of the established players (Facebook), but social networking on the mobile phone has largely been an area for new entrants. They’ve included Loopt, Bluepulse, Zyb, MocoSpace, and SK telecom’s own Helio. Aka Aki is a relatively new German mobile social networking… Read More