Ajay Agarwal

Attend Ajay Agarwal’s TechCrunch Early Stage roundtable to hear his advice to early-stage software companies

TechCrunch Early Stage takes place on April 20, 2023, and we’re thrilled to announce a late addition to the program. Long-time, early-stage investor Ajay Agarwal is hosting a roundtable to discuss l

AutoLeap drives technology for car repair shops with new $18M capital infusion

AutoLeap is bringing the auto repair shop into the 21st century by digitizing their workflow and reducing the manual double-entry shop owners are used to doing.

Clockwise CEO Matt Martin: How we closed an $18M Series B during a pandemic

It all started with an email from a customer: “Do you know why Bain Capital Ventures is reaching out to me about Clockwise?”

Where top VCs are investing in manufacturing and warehouse robotics

Robotics and automation tools are now foundational parts of warehouses and manufacturing facilities around the world. Unlike many other robotics and AI use cases, the technology has moved well beyond

Careteam aims to unite patients and healthcare providers with a platform approach

How best to untangle the Gordian knot that is navigating your own healthcare? It’s a tricky question, and one that seems to have become only more complicated as technology improves, in many rega

Bain Capital Ventures has a fresh $1B to invest in startups

Bain Capital Ventures has raised $1 billion across three new funds.

Checking the market’s temperature with Bain’s Ajay Agarwal

Ajay Agarwal leads the West Coast team for Bain Capital Ventures, which he joined 13 years ago. Because he he has seen some market zigs and zags, we met him for coffee this week to talk about what

TCTV: In the Studio, Bain Capital Ventures is California Dreaming

“In the Studio” at TechCrunch TV this week welcomes a former California resident and current investor back to the west coast, where he and his partners have embarked on a new journey to build out