• Solve escorts you through the airport like a VIP

    Solve escorts you through the airport like a VIP

    The walk sprint from your arrival gate to customs is no fun. As a traveler you usually have no idea how long the customs line is going to be, and you could end up being stuck waiting for hours depending on the airport and time of day. But now there’s an (easily accessible) solution. Meet Solve, the startup that finds you a concierge to meet you at your arrival gate and escort you… Read More

  • Australia details plan to replace passport stamping with biometric scans

    Australia details plan to replace passport stamping with biometric scans

    A badge of pride among frequent travelers, the battered passport could become a relic of the past, as sophisticated technology aims to replace more traditional means of identifying passengers. Australia is steadily working to update its own international processing, with a sort of self-service check out involving face, iris and/or fingerprint scanning designed to take some of the pain out of… Read More

  • Apple reportedly won’t make AirPort WiFi routers anymore

    Apple reportedly won’t make AirPort WiFi routers anymore

    Apple has been releasing new WiFi routers every now and then since 1999. While the AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme could use an update, don’t hold your breath for it. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the company has disbanded the team that was working on wireless routers. Engineers are now working on other projects. The AirPort product line probably doesn’t drive a lot… Read More

  • Google Asks “Why Fly Private When You Can Fly Private – Out Of Your Own $82M Airport?”

    Google Asks “Why Fly Private When You Can Fly Private – Out Of Your Own $82M Airport?”

    Google’s executives could soon be enjoying their own private airport space ahead of winging their way to various far flung locations around the world, according to a news release from the Mineta San Jose International Airport. Signature Flight Support, in tandem with a company called Blue City Holdings which represents Google’s fleet of personal aircraft, will likely be awarded… Read More

  • Shareport: A Cracked Version Of Apple's Airplay That Doesn't Discriminate

    Just this morning I was sitting on the can — with my feet on a stool thanks to a life tip from Greg — and was staring at a Moto Xoom while fantasizing about how awesome my life would be if it supported Airplay. After all, my house is filled with A/V receivers and Android devices. But alas, Airplay is akin to a fancy waterfall feature if you subscribe to the Apple walled garden point… Read More

  • Apple's new AirPort Extreme with simultaneous WiFi mode

    Apple’s latest refresh of the Airport Extreme adds a dual broadcasting mode that simultaneously broadcasts on both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz band. What does that mean? Read More

  • Random things I saw at the Narita and Incheon airport

    My Thanksgiving holiday was spent in Seoul visiting family, eating good food and drinking a lot. So, the only thing I really missed about a true American Thanksgiving was the deep fried turkey, stuffing and football. All of which I’m okay with having missed this year – believe it or not. The allure of Seoul’s e-mart and Tokyo’s Akihabara have long since faded from… Read More

  • Griffin Airbase: the first Airport range extender designed specifically for the foolish and credulous

    The problem with radio waves is that they just can’t seem to pass through things. That’s why I maintain a direct line of sight to my wireless router at all times — even when I’m not using it! And with this range extender for my Airport Express, now I can make my router higher up and more visible in the room — because that’s why I bought a wireless… Read More

  • Travelon piles on the TSA-approved baggage

    Starting just last week if you have a TSA-approved laptop bag, you can slide that puppy* (*please to not x-ray the puppy) right on through their scanning machines. Of course that means a whole bunch new products to choose from. Travelon has created six new bags ready to start hitting the shelves in September. Ya got yourself a backpack version, a wheely thing and a briefcase style. For the lady… Read More

  • More info about MobileEdge TSA-friendly laptop cases

    Here are some actual product shots of the TSA-friendly MobileEdge cases that we covered about a week ago. I’m still not 100% convinced that TSA bags, in general, can live up to the promise of substantially increasing airport security lines. It’ll only take one screening agent to throw a fit when someone hasn’t removed their laptop, only to find out that it was in a… Read More

  • More TSA-friendly laptop bags coming soon

    Just got word last night that Mobile Edge, fine purveyor of notebook-friendly bags and backpacks, has created three new cases that meet all TSA requirements for checkpoint-friendliness. The company is currently testing the bags at the Ontario Airport in California and will make final changes before going into full production soon. We’ve got the three designs here. Actual photos of… Read More

  • Live Luggage makes bags for over-packers

    If you are a lazy traveler or someone who packs everything but the kitchen sink, you are in luck. Live Luggage has created Power Assisted (PA) Luggage. It uses a little motor in the wheels to give it a little extra torque. Another added feature is something they call an Anti-Gravity handle that distributes most of the weight over the powered wheels. When pressure is applied on the handle… Read More

  • Video: Traveling to Germany for CeBIT We’re tired and a little drunk. We love Germany. I told John he could sing that way so chill out. Read More

  • Virtual boarding pass to save time, paper

    It’s about time someone came out with something like this. Oh wait, they already have it in Japan, where your entire life can be manipulated via your Hello Kitty “sumartufonu“. In the gadget world, however, anything that makes us more like Japan is a step forward. In any case, this pilot program allows you to skip the annoying paper ticket phase and go straight to the gate… Read More

  • Boingo Wireless Offers Unlimited WiFi Plan

    Surely if you’ve ever traveled by plane with a laptop, you’ve used Boingo Wireless. Quite a few airports in the US uses Boingo for WiFi and shelling out $7.95 each time for access isn’t very fun. So to retain more customers and to please the masses, Boingo Wireless is rolling out a new plan today. For $39 a month, you’ll be able to connect to any WiFi spot operated… Read More

  • With WiFind, Airport Automatically Tell You Which Networks Are Open

    There’s nothing more frustrating than manually clicking through a list of networks on your Macbook’s Airport, desperately trying to find that one open one with a decent signal. No longer. With Apple’s just-released WiFind app, a click to Airport automatically tells you which networks are unlocked and how strong their signal is. Stealing your neighbor’s Wi-Fi… Read More

  • The Help Key: An Airport Tech Survival Guide

    Being a very, very, very frequent traveler, I’ve picked up a few tips for how to handle the foibles of the modern airline system. Companies might their best to try to screw you out of free Wi-Fi and a decent seat these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still come out on top. Click the jump to see a few of the tips I’ve picked up over the years for surviving the… Read More

  • Be An Apple 2-Dollar 802.11n WiFinnaire!

    We originally thought Apple’s 802.11n would cost $5 but Apple will now only charge $1.99 to pop in a little patch to enable 802.11n in current AirPort cards and routers. Purchasers of the $179 Airport Extreme Base Station ,AKA the thing that looks like Apple TV, get the patch for free. Why are they charging anything at all? So they can can keep up with Generally Accepted Accounting… Read More