Airport Extreme

Apple's new AirPort Extreme with simultaneous WiFi mode

<img src="">Apple's <a href="">latest refresh</a> of the Airport Extreme adds

Apple Adds Gigabit Ethernet To AirPort Extreme Base Station

In addition to the iMac’s new paint job and some minor updates to iLife and iWork—Numbers notwithstanding—, Apple quietly updated several items in its online store, including the Air

Airport Extreme Units Shipping from China

Not sure how this is relevant to the price of tea in… erm… wherever, but I ordered an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, expecting it to roll in from a warehouse in Cupertino. Much to my

Have An Intel Mac? Have Five Bucks? Ok, You Can Use 802.11n

Sneaky Apple. I remember back in the day they made me pay for an upgrade to iChat AV (as opposed to the regular iChat at the time) when iSight came out. Now if you have an Intel Mac and you want to us

Apple's Extremes Airport Extreme

. That 802.11n in the latest Mac’s wont be so lonely, as it supports up to 5x the speeds of the current APX. Unlike the conical Airports of yore, there is no dial-up modem, so it’s perhaps