• New drone perches on walls like a robotic bird

    New drone perches on walls like a robotic bird

    The Multimodal Autonomous Drone (S-MAD) is a fixed-wing drone that has a few bird-like tricks up its sleeve. You can, for example, fly it like a glider through a room or open space, but when it approaches a flat surface the drone quickly changes configuration and lands flat with its little spiky teeth digging in to keep it from falling. Read More

  • NASA launches new X-plane program to create cleaner, more efficient planes

    NASA launches new X-plane program to create cleaner, more efficient planes

    NASA has announced the launch of the “New Aviation Horizons” initiative, which will lead to a new generation of X-planes that are fueled by greener energy, use half the fuel, and are half as loud as commercial aircraft in use today. Read More

  • FCC May Let Airplane Passengers Chat On The Phone In Flight

    FCC May Let Airplane Passengers Chat On The Phone In Flight

    Look out, Henry Blodgett. The skies might get a bit more uncomfortable. The WSJ reports that airplane passengers may be allowed to use their cellphones, for both data and voice transmissions, based on a recent FCC proposal. Read More

  • Ever Wanted Your Very Own Airplane?

    If you want your own airplane, you could do like my neighbor, Bruce, and build one yourself. Since I moved in next to him last July, I’ve watched this thing develop from a bunch of sheet metal into the aircraft you see above. Bruce tells me he’s spent about two years, and upwards of $9,000, building this thing. It’s always been his dream to fly a plane that he built. If… Read More

  • Pilots can now spy on you at night, look creepy

    Want to live out your “Blue Thunder” fantasy? Now you can legally get military-spec night vision goggles for when you are flying your helicopter. In the past, there were no FAA approved night vision goggles for civilian use — you were taking your chances when you were flying at night, and typically doing instrument based flying. Now you can use night vision, assuming you buy… Read More

  • Delta jumps on the in-air WiFi bandwagon

    CNet is reporting that Delta will add WiFi service to some of its flights in 2009. Initially available on shuttle flights, long-term plans are to make WiFi available on all 330 planes in Delta’s domestic fleet. Expect to pay $10 on flights up to 3 hours, and $13 on flights over 3 hours. Read More

  • The Boeing Next Generation Bomber is aimed at you, Ahmadinejad

    Specifics aren’t exactly flowing for Boeing’s Next Generation Bomber besides the fact that the model-shown does accurately represent the firm’s NGB bid. This aircraft might not ever make it to the sky, as Boeing needs to beat out other manufacturers for the contract though. The B-2 looking version is said not need any new technology and can be built with what’s… Read More

  • Man lands airplane via text messages

    A small airplane in Ireland suddenly found itself in a dilly of a pickle of a jam when it "lost all onboard electrical power, communications and weather radar soon after take-off from Kerry airport," according to The Irish Times. The twin-engine Piper contained a pilot and four passengers. The pilot was unable to make contact with the nearest air traffic control tower, so he tried… Read More

  • Renchi Wii Airplane Controller Stand

    Did anyone seriously believe the Wii was going to be a hit? I certainly should have known and maybe I could have used my brainpower to start up a Wii business selling some crap accessory that everyone will want to buy rather than whatever it was I was doing last year. Renchi now has an airplane stand for your Wiimote and nunchuck for the Wii Sports game, Airplane. It’s not exactly… Read More