Watch the Airbus Project Vahana prototype autonomous air taxi take flight

Airbus recently had the first ever successful flight of its Vahana autonomous air vehicle, and now it’s released video of that pivotal moment in the aircraft’s development. The flight took

Backlift, The YC-Backed Back-End Service For Front-End Developers, Launches A/B Testing Service

Backlift, a Y Combinator-backed startup that bills itself as a back-end service for front-end developers, launched its first product today. Airfoil, which is obviously based on Backlift, is an A/B tes

Must… resist… obvious Dyson vacuum/fan joke…

Dyson, the makers of the trendiest vacuum cleaners around, have switched modes. Enter the Dyson Air Multiplier, a fan that utilizes the same bladeless technology as the Dyson vacuum. Thing looks like