Study: 6 in 10 Americans have heard about Bitcoin

While crypto may be obvious to us overlords of digital media, awareness of all facets of cryptocurrency still belongs to a small – but growing – minority. In a large scale survey by Survey

Apple Wants The Link Between Your Devices To Be You, Not A Shared Wi-Fi Network

Apple has made some changes to its core inter-device sharing protocols in iOS 8, including AirPlay and AirDrop. AirDrop, the simple file sharing mechanism introduced in OS X Lion and iOS 7, now works

Filesharing App Airlike Is Bump Without The Clashing Of Fists

Similar to <a href="">Google-acquired</a> Bump, <a target="_blank" href="http://airlik

NFC Stands For Nobody F****** Cares And Apple Gets That

If you think QR codes are a bad joke then consider NFC. Near Field Communications' evangelists have been trying to get smartphone owners to share stuff by bumping and grinding their phones for years.